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There’s nothing quite like zooming down freshly groomed ski run, wind in your hair, easy turn and truly being in the moment.  There’s nothing else to think about except when you’ll stop for a cup of cocoa and a quick break to rest your aching quads.  That is until you realize you have a gaping hole in your new ski gloves- right where the thumb and your pointer finger meet.

Now, every time you grab your pole, the icy metal steals all your body heat.  By the time to get to the lodge, your hands are freezing and now you’re in the market for a new pair of gloves.  Been there. Done that.  What are the best brands for ski gloves? Strap in, here we go!

Ski Glove Basics

Ski Clothes

Ski gloves are unlike any other pair of winter gloves you will own. Ski gloves keep your hands warm and protected from the wind, rain and snow.  Ski gloves also have extra reinforcement in the palms of your hand to reduce wear and tear in the areas where you grab your poles.

You’ll notice when shopping for ski gloves, many brands will include smart screen capabilities, so you can text and make a phone call while sitting on the chairlift. Also, when shopping for a pair of ski gloves pay close attention to the cuff- does it cinch? Does the glove keep your wrists covered?

To keep your hands warm while skiing through fresh powder, you need to keep your wrists covered.  That small patch of skin is home to a major artery and it’s close to the surface, releasing a lot of body heat if left uncovered to the cold.  Take an inventory of the zippers and pockets on the glove.  Is there enough room to fit a hand warmer? Also, do the gloves have a strap to wrap around your wrists?

There’s nothing worse than taking spill and lose your gloves in the moment.  Plus, if you need to grab something from your pocket or make a phone call, you can take your gloves off and they stay on your wrists until you are ready to put them back on.  There’s a lot of things to consider when shopping for ski gloves.  I hope you find this guide helpful the next time you’re in the market for a new pair of ski gloves.

Fortress GlovePro

Fortress Gloves
Fortress Gloves

Fortress is a Utah based company using proprietary insulation to make really warm and waterproof gloves. A pair of Fortress gloves will keep you warm from -35 degrees F to 60 degrees F. So, you can wear the GlovePro in December and for spring skiing in March.  One pair of gloves for all season! Love it. With extra palm reinforcement and wrist cinch, these gloves are designed to last and keep you warm all day long.  Also, if your gloves to do get wet- say you decide to try out that new run and you take a spill, your gloves will stay on and your hands will still be warm.

Fortress is best known for making outdoor gear designed to keep you warm even if you become fully submerged in water.  While that most likely won’t be the case while skiing, you at least know you have that protection, if you go out of bounds and find yourself in a creek or stream.  Fortress is a high-quality ski brand and a great choice for your next mountain adventure.


Hestra Winter Gloves
Hestra Winter Gloves

This Sweden company knows how to make high quality gloves that are equally as beautiful.  A pair of Hestra gloves is all you need to tackle the toughest mountain terrain and the easy groomed runs of your favorite ski resort.  Hestra combines high quality goat leather, cowhide and synthetic material to create a unique and incredibly durable ski glove.

Hestra knows what a skier needs when it comes to a pair of gloves: snow lock, pull strap, removable liner- washable too.  Hestra gloves are also breathable, so your hands won’t get too sweaty while cruising down those moguls.

Also, Hestra makes sure every pair of ski gloves cover your wrists, for added protection from the cold!  The liners in a Hestra glove are made out of wool or synthetic material, depending on the style of glove.  Hestra gloves are made to last- they also make a fashion statement.  Hestra gloves sell out fast, so it can be hard to get a pair! Once you do, you may never want to take them off.


Marmot Winter Gloves
Marmot Winter Gloves

Marmot uses the latest technology and innovative fabric blends to create a one of kind pair of ski gloves.  Most of its gloves use Gortex for the outer shell or leather, depending on the style.  Marmot also makes it point to use breathable material on the liner of its gloves to keep your hands from overheating.  This is a nice element, especially if you’re making a lot of turns and your prone to sweaty hands.

The lining of Marmot gloves also wicks away moisture, which is important to keep your hands dry for the entire day on the slopes. Need to wipe your nose? Marmot has thought of that too.  With special fabric on the side of a glove to make that possible.  Goggles a little foggy? Marmot has your covered with a layer of fabric on the thumb of some of its gloves to easily wipe away moisture inside and outside your goggles.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Winter Gloves
Outdoor Research Winter Gloves

Outdoor Research makes warm gloves, but you don’t lose any dexterity will all that insulation! In fact, when shopping for gloves with OR, the company will tell you the level of dexterity the glove provides.  It’s important to be able to grab your pole, the center pole of the chairlift, tighten your boots and make a phone call- all with your gloves on.

Your ski gloves should be able to move with you.  The last thing you want to do it take your gloves off at the top of a mountain to tighten your boots in a blizzard.  Think of all the body heat you would lose! Outdoor Research adds PrimaLoft® HiLoft™ to its gloves to give each pair incredible insulation value. Outdoor Research ski gloves are also breathable, waterproof and will keep you comfortable from the car to the chairlift!


Burton Men's Gore-Tex Glove
Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove

Burton pays attention to the details when designing ski gloves.  The company infuses fun, bold, prints with modern day weatherproof, waterproof and wind resistant materials.  Burton’s sole focus is to make sure you never have to take your gloves off while you’re skiing.  Its gloves come standard with all the bells and whistles: abrasion resistant material, “screengrab” leather- making it possible to text and take selfies with your gloves on.

Wrist leash and extra long cuffs to keep those wrists nice and warm all day! Burton makes high quality, well insulated gloves that will keep you dry and warm at the top of the mountain and in the lodge.  Although, you may want to take your gloves off in the lodge!


Gordini Ski Gloves
Gordini Ski Gloves

Gordini knows a thing or two about keeping your hands warm.  In fact, Gordini has been mastering the art of the perfect ski glove since the 1950s.  The company is dedicated to using the highest quality materials, without passing along the enormous price tag to you.  Gordini is affordable and durable! A pair of Gordini ski gloves will give you extra reinforcement where you grip your ski pole, fleece lined cuff to protect your wrists and a cinch to keep snow and cold from creeping into your hands. Gordini ski gloves also work hard to prevent your hands from sweating!


Dakine Mens Titan Ski Gloves
Dakine Mens Titan Ski Gloves

Dakine mixes and matches various leathers and synthetic materials to make a high quality, warm and functional pair of ski gloves. Dakine is also budget friendly! But, don’t worry- you’re not getting a cheap pair of gloves that won’t hold up to the mountain.  Dakine makes its gloves with quality synthetic insulation and breathable liners.

Although, not every glove comes standard with screen capabilities. If you’re into taking selfies on the chairlift, double check to make sure your gloves allow you to use your camera without taking them off.  If your hands tend to always be cold, no matter what, opt for a pair of Dakine gloves with wool lining.  Wool is incredible at keeping you warm and your hands sweat free! If you’re into looking good on the mountain, Dakine ski gloves will certainly make you stand out.  Pineapple print gloves anyone?

The North Face

North Face Winter Gloves
North Face Winter Gloves

The North Face has you covered, literally, when you need a pair of nice, warm and well-made ski gloves.  The company has been making quality outdoor gear for decades and it knows a thing or two about keeping hands warm- but not too warm.

The North Face makes several styles of gloves, with various levels of insulation-to match how hot or cold you run while on the slopes. Extra reinforcement around the thumbs prevent early wear and tear on your gloves. Also, the extra soft and thick cuffs that come standard on North Face gloves, will keep you warm all day long.

The North Face also weaves Kevlar into its gloves to make sure they hold up on the mountain.  Kevlar is the same material used to make bullet proof vests.  Now, you can buy gloves with that same material. The North Face isn’t messing around!  The North Face is a great quality glove for under a $100.


Scott Ski Gloves
Scott Ski Gloves

Scott is a great brand when you need a pair of budget friendly, high quality ski gloves. If you spent all your money on your ski jacket and pants, Scott ski gloves is a great way to complete your outfit without breaking the bank.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality.

Scott has been around a long time, making outdoor gear for decades. Scott makes a variety of gloves: spring skiing gloves where you don’t need any insulation to big mountain ski gloves designed for the coldest and most difficult of terrain days! Long cuffs and wrist leashes are added bonuses.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Ski Gloves
Black Diamond Ski Gloves

If you’re looking for a ski glove that sets the industry standards, Black Diamond is the brand you might want to consider.  Black Diamond ski gloves hold up on the bunny hill and on the black diamond runs at the very, very top of the mountain.  Powder won’t stand a chance against your Black Diamond gloves.  Black Diamond makes a variety of glove styles, designed to withstand every weather condition you may encounter while skiing.

Blizzards, hail and sunshine- a pair of Black Diamond gloves will keep you warm and dry no matter what Mother Nature has in store.  With long cuffs, added abrasion resistant fabric and insulation where you need it, Black Diamond is a top choice.  Plus, with glove names like Punisher and The Terminator, you’ll feel pretty cool in a pair of Black Diamond gloves too!


Seirus Airflow Ski Gloves
Seirus Airflow Ski Gloves

Seirus is serious about making incredibly warm and durable ski gloves.  See that I did there? Okay, just making sure.  But, seriously, this company knows what its doing when it comes to making ski gloves.  If you tend to always have chilly fingers at the end of a chairlift ride, you may want to consider a pair of Seirus heated gloves.  Its HeatTouch series of gloves literally allows you to push a button on gloves are battery powered, but the energy pack is so small, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Turn on the gloves at the beginning of the chairlift and by the time you get to the top of the mountain, you can turn it off and you’re nice and warm for the next run.  Genius.  The company also harnesses the sun’s warmth, by making solar heated gloves.

What will they think of next? Seriously, the gloves naturally warm up when exposed to sun! And you know those bluebird, crystal clear days tend to be the coldest.  Now, your hands don’t have to be cold! Love it! Seirus also makes gloves with extra -long cuffs to keep your wrists covered and warm for all day comfort.

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