Best Ski Pants Brands

What are the best brands for Ski Pants? When it comes to shopping for ski pants, you certainly have your choice of style, color and varying levels of protection. Ski pants protect you from the wind and snow while sitting on the chairlift and shredding the fresh powder off piste.  They also keep you dry when you catch an edge and lose a ski, and then a pole and then your suddenly face down in a pile of snow!

Ski pants should be waterproof, wind resistant and should always be breathable. Believe it or not, not all ski pants are insulated.   If you choose to wear ski pants without insulation, make sure to wear a base layer and a middle layer to keep you warm.  It’s important to dress for winter. The base layer, like merino wool long johns, will keep moisture away from your legs and provide a thin layer of warm air next to your body.  The middle layer should consist of thin pair of fleece pants or another thicker material.

Ski Pants Basics

Ski JacketSki pants are made specifically made to adjust and move with your body as your gliding down a groomed run.  A pair of quality ski pants will last you decades.  So, it’s worth it to invest in a high quality and well-made pair of ski pants! There’s nothing worse than your legs freezing while sitting on a chairlift for 20 minutes.  How you ski, where you’ll be skiing and how hot or cold you normally run, will all determine the best pair of ski pants for you!

Ski pants differ from regular warm winter pants in that they provide protection and have added details only a skier would need.  Extra fabric reinforcement around the knees and special material near your ski boots make ski pants functional for skiers.  Most ski pants also come with built in gaiters to put inside your ski boot to prevent snow and other weather from getting inside.  There’s nothing worse than a boot full of snow half way down a black diamond.  Look for ski pants with adjustable waste and an option for suspenders.

Suspenders are a great way to keep your snow pants in place as you work your way down a mountain.  Plus, if you ever yard sale it on a run, snow won’t stand a chance to get inside and up your back! When it comes to getting the perfect fit, opt for a pair of ski pants that will allow for layers- this is where an adjustable waist band is a good idea.

You don’t want the pants to be to big, or you’ll be obsessed about pulling them up all day.  That’s no fun!  Now that you know what to look for in a pair of ski pants, let’s take a look at the best brands for you!


Arc’Teryx Ski Pants
Arc’Teryx Ski Pants

If you want a pair of ski pants that will last for decades and keep you warm, Arc’ Teryx is the brand for you.  The company has been making ski gear for decades. The company is focused on making the best outdoor gear for skiers, snowboarders, hikers and really anyone who loves to be outside! Arc’Teryx ski pants are an investment, with a pair costing about $400.  So, what makes Arc’Teryx so special? It’s the attention to detail, the high-quality fabric and insulation that sets Arc’Teryx apart from the competition.

This brand makes ski pants for resort style, groomed run skiing and pants specifically for those who go helicopter skiing in the mountains.  What’s the difference? A pair of back-country pants keep the powder from penetrating your pants while your knee deep heading down some major vertical.

If you’re on the groomed runs, you don’t extra protection from knee deep snow.  Arc’Teryx makes every pair of ski pants waterproof, wind resistant and breathable for when you need to cool down during long runs.  With breathable pants your legs can cool off, but you don’t lose any body heat.  Pretty cool, eh?

Fly Low

Fly Low Ski Pants
Fly Low Ski Pants

When you’re flying down the slopes, you may want to consider wearing a pair of Fly Low ski pants.  The company has been making warm winter ski gear for more than 15 years.  Founded out of need for better gear on the mountain, Fly Low mixes style and durability all in one warm pair of ski pants.  Fly low makes its pants to move with you, no matter your style of skiing.  Jumps, moguls, the pizza… whatever is your ski style a pair of Fly Low pants will keep up. Fly

Low also strategically places its pockets on your pants for easy access to your phone, gum or granola bars.  Fly Low also uses waterproof, breathable material to make every pair of pants.  Fly Low tend to fit a bit baggier than your normal ski pant- not too big though.  Plus, there’s plenty of room to add a few layers underneath the ski pants for extra warmth.  On sale, a pair of Fly Low ski pants ring in around $250.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Ski Pants
Outdoor Research Ski Pants

This Seattle based company has been making ski pants and durable outdoor gear for more than 30 years.  When it comes to making the best ski pants, Outdoor Research is bringing its A game.  The company not only uses the best waterproof, wind resistant materials, but it pays attention to the smallest of details.

Some of its ski pants have pockets designed specifically for beacons, for those adventure, back-country skiers.  Its ski pants have extra insulation where you need it- which comes in handy when the chairlift suddenly stops for 15 minutes.

Outdoor Research also use stretch and soft fabric so you’re ski pants don’t get in the way of your first attempt down the terrain park! OR pants move with you, each and every turn down the slopes.  OR ski pants fit like your favorite pair of jeans! Outdoor Research ski pants ring in at a couple hundred dollars, depending on the brand.  Wait for sale at the end of the ski season for the best deals!


Patagonia Ski Pants
Patagonia Ski Pants

If you want to be easily spotted on the ski hill, a pair of Patagonia ski pants will do the trick. It’s not only the bright hues of its ski line that set Patagonia apart from the other guys, it’s the company’s dedication to quality and performance that makes this one of the best ski brands around!  Patagonia uses recycled material in some of its gear, but don’t worry it hold up under the most extreme skiing.

With its innovative insulation, waterproof/wind resistant materials and breath-ability, Patagonia ski pants keep you warm and dry no matter how deep the powder. Innovative pocket placement also makes Patagonia a great choice for ski pants.  Most of its ski pants also come standard with Recco reflectors which make it easier for search and rescue crews to find you if you ever find yourself in an avalanche or another emergency situation.


Burton Ski Pants
Burton Ski Pants

While Burton markets exclusively to the snowboarder crowd, it’s gear can also be worn by skiers too! Burton has a long history of creating fun, bright and bold patterned ski/snowboard pants.  If you want to make a fashion statement on the ski hill, a pair of Burton pants will do the trick.  Burton is known for the cargo style of snow pants.  These ski pants tend to fit on the baggy side and the pockets hold a lot of extra gear or granola bars!

Burton uses a two-layer waterproof material to keep snow, slush and rain away. Powder guards also keep snow from riding up your boots and your legs.  Some Burton ski pants even have an audio port to weave your head phones through your pants and listen to your favorite Adele song while on the slopes!

The North Face

The North Face Ski Pants
The North Face Ski Pants

The North Face is synonymous with skiing and quality.  The company got its name from the coldest side of a mountain: The North Face.  It’s dedicated to creating warm, functional and waterproof pants that can withstand long rides on the chairlift and wrong turns on a long run.  The North Face offers two styles of ski pants: bibs and pants.

Bibs are coming back, not only because they look cool, but they do a really great job of keeping you warm.  Bibs run all the way up your chest, adding an extra layer of waterproof protection if you fall or love to ski in waist deep powder.  Plus, with bibs you never have to worry about getting snow down your back.

Most of its pants utilize 100 % waterproof and wind resistant material.  The North Face also makes sure all of its pants are breathable.  There’s nothing worse than having your quads on fire half way down a really long run! The North Face is a great choice if you are looking for quality.  Prices range from $85 to $550.  Bibs tend to be more expensive because they offer more protection and are designed to keep you warm in the coldest of weather!


Obermeyer Ski Pants
Obermeyer Ski Pants

Obermeyer is a brand dedicated to making high quality ski gear since 1947.   Wow. That’s a long time! The company makes ski pants to move with your body. It pays close attention to the waistband of each and every pair of pants it makes.  By making the waistband higher in back than in the front, snow doesn’t stand a chance! Obermeyer also pays special attention to the knees of its ski pants- reinforced material and stretch make it possible to move down the mountain with ease and comfort!

Obermeyer makes several styles of ski pants, from classic straight leg to stretchy flared pants.  With Obermeyer, you’ll be sure to find a pair of ski pants to fit your style! Also, Obermeyer makes its ski pants in a variety of sizes to fit everybody. With different lengths and waist sizes, you can find the perfect fit with Obermeyer.


Spyder Ski Pants
Spyder Ski Pants

Spyder is the official sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team.  When Bode Miller raced in South Korea in the Olympics, you’ll bet he was wearing Spyder gear.  Why? Spyder gear is the best of the best ski gear.  It’s made for Olympic athletes and for beginning skiers. You don’t have to have a gold medal to wear Spyder gear. Spyder ski pants all have adjustable suspenders, well insulated were you need it, thigh ventilation and pockets where you need them.  Plus, with built in snow guards around your boots there’s no way your legs or feet are getting wet.

Spyder loves to use bright colors- so if you want to make a fashion statement or just want everyone to watch you own the moguls like an Olympic athlete, this brand is for you. Spyder ski pants also move with your body-so there’s nothing holding you back while you weave in and out of the trees in all that fresh powder! Spyder ski pants range from $100- $400. Like most quality ski pants, wait for a sale and stock up!


Columbia Ski Pants
Columbia Ski Pants

Columbia is a Portland, OR based company making outdoor gear to keep you warm and dry sipping cocoa in the lodge and riding the chairlift to the top of the mountain.  Columbia ski pants are made with waterproof and wind resistant material to keep you protected from the mountain weather. Some of its pants have built in gaiters to keep snow out and special ventilation areas to keep you cool and prevent overheating/sweat!

Columbia also uses a four way stretch material on its ski pants, allowing you to move, twist, turn, tumble and jump when the opportunity calls.  Please note: these pants are not a parachute.  If you don’t jump, twist and turn normally on the slopes, these pants won’t help with that! Take lessons, instead.  Okay, back to the pants!

Columbia is a high-quality brand and budget friendly.  In fact, you don’t have to fork over an arm and leg for a styln’ and protective pair of ski pants.  With Columbia ski pants you get the best of both worlds.  Plus, with the money you save you can buy a season’s pass at your favorite ski resort.  A pair of basic Columbia ski pants ring in around $65.

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