Best Warm Winter Coats Brands

What are the best brands for warm winter coats? I’m so glad you asked! If you are in the market for a brand-new winter coat, you may have trouble deciphering all the different brands and styles available.  Lucky for you, I’ve already done all the work for you.  Take this guide with you the next time you go shopping and you can’t go wrong.  There are dozens of warm winter coat brands and if you don’t know what you should be looking for- they can all kind of seem the same.

If that’s the case, you may just go with a less expensive coat only to find out it doesn’t keep you warm at all when you’re teaching your fourth grader how to ski on the bunny hill.  A quality warm winter coat is an investment.  Bottom line, a nice coat from a trusted brand tend to be pricey.  But, you get what you pay for and if you want guaranteed warmth- you need to look beyond the price tag!

To better understand what makes a winter coat warm, make sure to read my blog all about it.  No time? Okay, here’s a crash course.  You want a coat that is well insulated- either with down or synthetic fill.  The insulation is what keeps your body heat close to your body.  I’m partial to down insulation because it’s lightweight and is incredibly warm. However, it doesn’t hold up well under wet conditions.  You also want to look for a coat that will keep water and wind away.  Look for labels that indicate the coat is waterproof, windproof and treated with a durable water repellent.  Pay close attention to the zippers.

Even if a coat is waterproof, the zippers may not be a let water in, like my grandma opens the door for trick or treaters.  Also, opt for a coat with a hood if you can.  A nice quality hood should wrap around your head and stay put, even when you’re looking around.  Check the sleeves of the coat for thumb holes- they will keep your wrists and hand warm on the coldest of days! For more information on what gives a winter coat its warmth, check out my blog here.  Now that you have an idea of how to spot a quality coat, let’s take a look at some of my favorite and top brands for warm winter coats.

The best coat for you will not only be warm, but it will fit your lifestyle and your favorite activities.  A down coat for watching your 6-year-old play soccer in September, may not cut it on the side of a mountain in a blizzard.  Take into consideration what you’ll be doing in the coat- that will help narrow down the best brand and the best style for you! Okay, let’s get started!

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Winter Coats
Canada Goose Winter Coats

Canada Goose sets the bar when it comes to creating an beautiful, well made and super duper warm coat.  The Toronto based company has been making down coats for more than 60 years.  The main mission of the company is to create the warmest and most stylish winter coats available today.  A Canada Goose coat provides incredible warmth for the coldest of days.

This is the brand arctic explorers tend to gravitate toward when they are outside on a frozen tundra doing what explorer do, exploring! Movie directors, Iditarod Athletes, Mount Everest mountaineers and Olympians all choose to wear a Canada Goose coat when the weather is at its worst.  So, what makes a Canada Goose coat so warm? It’s the insulation and the waterproof/windproof material that sets this brand apart from the rest.  There’s down and then there’s Canada Goose down.

The company uses the most premier ethically sources down available today. According to the company, down has three times the ounce of warmth than synthetic fill.  Down is amazing at keeping people warm in the harshest climate.  When you know the weather is going to be cold and dangerous, there’s no better choice than a Canada Goose coat.  A Canada Goose coat is an investment.  It’s the kind of coat you pass down to your kids and so on.  A Canada Goose coat will cost you between $500-$1,000, depending on the style.  The most popular styles often sell out fast and for good reason- it’s a coat everyone wants to have!

The North Face

The North Face Gotham III
The North Face Gotham III

The North Face is another trusted brand, dedicated to keeping people warm and protected from the winter weather at all times.  The company started making high quality, durable and comfortable outdoor gear in 1966! In the past few decades, the company continues to use innovative technology and design to create the warmest winter coat available for a variety of winter time activities.  The North Face is your one stop shop for all your layering and jacket needs.  The company makes high quality down coats, vests, fleece coats, waterproof, breathable coats and jackets that kick wind to the curb.

With North Face it’s easy to match a coat to your planned activity.  Each coat also provides exceptionally versatility, especially The North Face 3 in 1 coats.  The North Face offers three coats in one, to give you the ability to match your activity level and weather conditions as they change.  You get three coats, with endless layering options for the price of one coat- now that’s a deal I can get behind! The North Face price range varies from $100- $800.


Patagonia Topley Jacket
Patagonia Topley Jacket

Patagonia is a brand equally concerned about not only making the best outdoor gear, but protecting the environment at the same time.  In fact, when you buy anything from Patagonia- the company guarantees it for life.  And if something does happen- say you rip a sleeve while trying to get off the chairlift, it will repair for you or show you how to do it yourself.  If the repairs don’t work, you can trade the damaged gear in and get credit toward a new purchase.  Wowza! The company started making outdoor gear in the 1950s and its been outfitting skiers, hikers, explorers and other adventure seekers every since.

The company has mastered the art of making an incredibly lightweight down coat that is not only warm but keeps the wind away too! Patagonia also makes ski jackets, windbreakers, rain jackets- really anything you need for your favorite outdoor activity.  The company also makes a really, really warm pair of long johns.  Think about picking up a pair- they last forever.  I’ve had my base layer Patagonia long johns for more than 15 years! The company makes excellent gear that keeps you warm and lasts for decades!


Marmot Fordham Jacket
Marmot Fordham Down Jacket

Marmot got its start in 1971 in California.  The company has been around for a long time and it knows how to make warm winter coats, without breaking the bank.  Marmot uses a variety of modern day technology to give its coats the added protection to protect you from what ever Mother Nature throws your way.  Like most outdoor gear brands, Marmot uses its own breathable, waterproof fabric blends to keep moisture and wind from creeping inside your coat.

The best winter coats should always keep you dry! If you are dry, you are warm! This is why Marmot and other high-quality brands pay so much attention to the outer shell of a coat.  While the insulation is important, it’s only as effective as the outer shell.  You could have the best down coat in the world and if it gets wet- you’re going to soaking wet too.  Marmot carefully designs all of its coats to move with your body and protect you where you need it most! Depending on the style a Marmot coat ranges from $85-$300+.


Fjallraven F82278 Mens Singi Down Jacket
Fjallraven F82278 Mens Singi Down Jacket

This Sweden based company knows a thing or two about keeping people warm.  In fact, Filljraven has been making high quality, durable and really, really warm coats since 1960.  The company is a global brand with a global following.  If you want a winter coat that will keep you warm, regardless of the weather- this is the brand for you.  The company is known for making expedition jackets! This means they are well suited to keep you warm on the coldest places on earth.  The coats are well insulated with down and waterproof/windproof.  There’s no doubt you will stay warm in a Filljraven.

The company also pays close attention to quality pockets and zippers where you need them.  The hoods of its coats are also designed to contour your head- providing ultimate coverage, protection and warmth.  If you’re not heading to Everest anytime soon, the brand also makes really warm everyday coats, trekking jackets and other gear to match your activity! Like the other brands, Filljraven is an investment piece- each jacket ringing in around $300-$400, depending on your style and needs!


Columbia TurboDown Wave
Columbia TurboDown Wave

Columbia is brand known for its deep commitment to making high quality gear for people around the world.  The company started making outdoor gear and warm winter coats in Portland, Oregon more than 70 years ago.  The company is striving to create the warmest, high quality outdoor winter coats on the market today.  I have a Columbia jacket and It keeps me warm regardless of the weather.

A Columbia coat is designed and made to hold up to the toughest of conditions.  The company pays close attention to the smallest details, to provide added warmth where it’s needed.  In fact, the company may be one of the first to add thumb hole layer beneath the sleeve of the jacket.  Why is this important?

By covering your wrists and keeping the liner in place you prevent body heat from escaping.  In turns out our wrists release a lot of body heat when left uncovered.  A jacket with a liner built in to protect your wrists is the way to go when you want to stay warm outside! It’s amazing how just covering that small patch of skin and add warmth to your entire body.

Columbia also lines some of its coats with silver dot, designed to reflect body heat back to you.  It’s like your own little furnace, inside your coat.  Columbia is perhaps the most budget friendly of warm winter coats.  Even so, expect to pay around $100 or wait until there’s a sale! If you shop in the off season, you’re more likely to get a nice coat on discount than if you purchase it in the middle of winter!


Kuhl Arkti Down Coat
Kuhl Arkti Down Coat

With KUHL, you will be sure to find a warm winter coat to fit your lifestyle. In a KUHL, you will be equally warm going for a walk around the neighborhood as you will be shredding fresh powder on your favorite mountain.  The company makes outdoor gear, with a focus on hiking, skiing, mountaineer and everyday wear.

It started making warm winter gear in the 1980’s and its been a wild ride ever since. The company uses a combination of high quality down insulation and incredibly durable and waterproof material to gives its coats the warmth you need! The company makes some of its coats with extra insulation in the core area to protect your body heat where you need it the most.

By adding the extra insulation, without the bulk, you won’t risk the chance of losing precious body heat in the most important areas.  When it’s cold outside, our body tends to make an effort to keep our vital organs (core area) warm.  The designers at KUHL understand this and that’s why they’ve made an effort to keep that region extra warm.  If you’re lugging skis or a heavy pack on your shoulders, you don’t have to worry about a KUHL coat getting worn and torn. That’s because the designers created a coat to withstand the friction in the shoulder region.  It’s the details of a KUHL jacket that give this brand two thumbs up!

Time to go shopping! What is your favorite go-to brand for warm winter coats? Please also see our articles entitled “Best Ski Jackets Brands?” and “Top 27 Warmest Winter Coats“.


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