Bring Old Batteries Back To Life! – EZ Battery Course Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning Course ReviewDoes having the ability to bring old dead batteries back to life relate to emergency preparedness? Uh yes! Totally! In a long term emergency situation, this could be a very valuable skill to have; especially during a long term power outage.

Sometimes when I bring this topic up people say “but how can we recondition and charge old batteries if there is a power outage? Well the short answer is during a long term emergency involving a power outage you will need all of the extra working power sources you can get. You will also need some sort of backup power source such as a gas, propane or solar generator with at least enough power to run your essentials as well as charge all your batteries.

In my emergency planning dealing with batteries wearing out was a problem I only knew how to solve through storing up extras of all the batteries I use. But that is very expensive. It was totally by accident that I ran across a small inexpensive course that solved this problem. It teaches you how to quickly and easily recondition just about every kind of battery.

How Well Did This Course Work For Me?

EZ Battery CourseHere is my story. I found the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course completely by accident. I have several battery powered power tools, each having multiple batteries. A couple of winters ago I forgot to bring them in for the winter like you are supposed to.

In the spring every one of the batteries were completely dead; so dead they would not even take a charge. As I looked around to buy replacement batteries, some were so old I could not find where to buy replacements for them anymore. And some were so expensive it would have been tempting to just buy a whole new power tool. Here is a video I did on my YouTube channel talking about this situation.

(Note: Here again is the link to this course: EZ Battery Reconditioning Course in case you want to check it out.)

Then about a month ago or so I ran across a little course called the EZ Battery Reconditioning Course. The course cost less than just one of the dead batteries I needed to replace so I figured I wasn’t risking much to just check it out. To my delight (and surprise) the course was real and the information it contained not only worked, it worked really well.

Following the instructions on each of the dead batteries for my power tools, it took me less than 60 seconds per battery, and then each one would now take a charge. What took the longest was then charging each of the batteries up.

Out of all of the batteries I had that were dead, all but one of them were able to be brought back to life. To me that was a great success rate.  A couple of the batteries ran down quickly with use after the first time I charged them up. But once I charged them up again they held their charge just like they did when they were new. I was very impressed.

What Other Types Of Batteries Do They Teach How To Recondition?

Motorcycle BatteriesThe short answer is just about every kind. It really is true. Their course is broken down into 9 mini courses. Some of these courses go over a specific type of batteries, such as “Lead Acid Batteries”. Other courses are for a specific type, within that specific type. For example one of the mini courses is all about bringing “Golf Cart Batteries” back to life. They are a Lead Acid Battery, but there were some idiosyncrasies about Golf Cart Batteries that justified its own mini course.

But within the 9 mini courses you learn how to quickly and easily bring almost all types of batteries back to life. Following is a specific list of each of the mini courses so you get a better idea about what types of batteries can be reconditioned:

      1. Alkaline (C, AA, AAA, N, and 9V) batteries
      2. Cellphone Batteries
      3. Cordless Power Tool Batteries (Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries)
      4. Laptop Batteries
      5. Lead Acid Batteries 
      6. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) & SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) Batteries
      7. Forklift Battery
      8. Golf Cart Batteries
      9. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

How Difficult Is This Process?


Personal Financial CrisisIt is not near as difficult as this image makes it look. There was one tool for reconditioning the car batteries that I had to purchase that that cost about $12 as I recall. And I spent $5 on some clip wires I needed for the power drill batteries. Everything else was pretty basic stuff I already had.

As of this writing I have not yet reconditioned every type of battery, but I have read through most of the processes and it is all very simple basic stuff. Anyone can follow their step by step instructions and do this.

The other thing that really impressed me is that most of the processes are relatively quick and easy. Other than maybe having to have some of the batteries sit over night in the middle of the process, what you actually do is super quick and simple. Not time consuming at all.

And you can tell by the detail when reading the course that this is the real deal.. They all work just like the ones I have tried so far worked perfectly. It is very much worth the money the course costs (less than $50). You will quadrupedal your investment with the first car battery you bring back to life.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this I want to thank you for making it to the end of my article. Hopefully this information helps you be more prepared for emergencies. I believe it will. We are accustomed to conveniences that consume electricity, and so emergencies will be much easier to get through if we are able to utilize some conveniences during the emergency. Having working batteries are a big part of that.

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