Top 28 Warmest Winter Socks

Best Socks for Extreme ColdKeeping your feet warm while enjoying the great outdoors during the winter months means keeping your feet dry- at all times. Since feet are prone to being extra sweaty, especially when your hiking, climbing or even walking around the park, it’s important to be wearing a pair of socks designed to wick away moisture! Socks that excel in moisture management will keep you comfortable, dry, warm and ready to take on that next mountain peak or dog park! Here in this article I will give you our pick for the top 28 warmest winter socks! You might want to also read our article entitled “Best Socks for Extreme Cold – My Top Pics!“.

The right pair of socks for you will depends on what you’ll be doing! Ski socks are warm and provide extra arch support and shin cushions to keep you comfortable right where the boots rest on your legs.  Some socks provide extra support and encourage circulation in the legs and feet for more body heat.  Keep in mind what you’ll be using the socks for and it will help narrow down your selection! Time to go shopping!

1. Fortress HotSox

Fortress HotSox

A pair of Hotsox will give you the confidence to explore the mountains in the winter months. These are called sox, but are really liners to replace the liners in your snow boots. With these liners they will keep you warm even if your feet accidentally get wet. Since these are actually boot liners, you will have other socks, like the ones we discuss below, on as well. You can make fresh tracks, knowing your toes will stay toasty! Fortress is a Utah Based company using cutting edge technology to create a unique insulation.  AERIS insulation keeps you warm even if you get wet.  These socks are rated to keep you warm between -35 degrees and 50 degrees F. How about that?

The outer shell is treated with a durable water repellent finish to keep light snow and wind away! They are comfortable and keep your feet warm in the most extreme cold. These socks can also be used as slippers! They are easy to pack- making them a great choice to take with you while camping! Pros: lightweight, well insulated, keeps you warm even when wet, can be worn as a slipper around the house or as liner in your favorite winter boot.  Cons: sizing is tricky. To find your size, measure your foot in inches. Fortress recommends going up 1/2 from your normal size.  Price about: $99.

2. J.B. Icelandic -40 Artic Trail Sock

J.B. Icelandic Artic Trail

The arctic trail sock is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way. There isn’t a wind storm, ice covered lake or snowy trail this sock hasn’t conquered. It’s made with 85% wool and 15 % nylon- making this sock one of the warmest around.  Wool naturally wicks away moisture- so your feet stay dry and you stay happy! This sock is a bit thinner than the -50 below sock, making it ideal for high intense activities.  Pros: wool, warm, wicks away moisture, comfortable, rated for -40 degrees, versatile and well made.   Cons: wear a liner to keep odor in check and blisters at bay. Price about: $34/2 Pk.

3. J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Gumboot Cuff

J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Gumboot Cuff

This sock takes the -50 below sock a step further. It’s designed to fold over your boots at the calf or wear all the way extended for full coverage. This sock is tough. It doesn’t care if it’s -50 degrees outside- because inside your boot it’s like a warm and cozy. It’s so comfortable and warm you may want to curl up for a nice nap- don’t! Keep moving and explore!

This sock is also made with 85% wool! This sock is designed for hiking, climbing, hunting and exploring. It’s also a great pair of socks to have in your pack and pull out at night for winter camping! Pros: 85% wool, comfortable, cuff, wicks away moisture. Cons: manufacturer recommends liner to prevent blisters. Price about: $34 for a 2 pk.

4. J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice Sock

J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice Sock

This Canada based company knows all about cold weather and how to stay warm when the snow starts to fly and the temperatures drops.  If you’re looking for a pair of socks as brave as you are-heading up an ice-covered mountain peak, you’ve found your match! The name of these socks says it all: they keep your feet warm in -50 degrees.

Want to know why? They are made out of 85% pre-shrunk wool! All that wool around your toes and feet… it doesn’t get any warmer than that-of course a nice up of cocoa would be nice too! Pros: high wool content, really warm, rated for extreme cold weather, breathable and comfortable.  Cons: may need a liner to keep blisters at bay. Price about: $34 for a 2 pack.

5. Wigwam Polar Vortex

Wigwam Polar VortexThe Wigwam Polar Vortex is one of the warmest winter socks on the market today.  In fact, this sock is rated to keep your toes warm and toasty in -40 degrees F.  That’s cold! But, your feet won’t know what the temperature is because these socks are tough, durable and really warm.  The socks are made with a super soft 75% merino wool, 15% stretch nylon and other synthetic materials to keep them from shifting and moving around.

Weaved into the wool is a silver technology designed to keep heat inside the sock.  Pros: fully cushioned, heavy weight, great for big boots and even bigger expeditions, antimicrobial, keeps odor away, wicks away moisture, extends over calves.  Cons: make sure to wear with a big boot. Price about: $20

6. SmartWool Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Socks

SmartWool Hunt Extra Heavy OTC SocksHeading into the mountains? Don’t forget your Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Socks. These will become your best friend on the trail- always listening, and never interrupting.  Seriously though, these socks are wonderful. They boost 73 % merino wool and bit of nylon and elastane for stretch. These socks are specifically designed to be worn over the calf and work well with most tall hunting boots.

The extra cushion gives your feet and ankles the support you need while standing outside all day. Pros: extra warm, thicker sock, added ankle and arch support. Cons: calf portion of sock can get caught on some boots. Price about: $26.95

7. Darn Tough Mountaineering Micro Crew Extra

Darn Tough Mountaineering Micro Crew ExtraThe Mountaineering Micro Crew is designed to head out into the snow, rain and blizzard like weather in confidence. With this sock on you can conquer the top of Mt. Everest- only If you’ve been training. Have you been training? With 70% merino wool, this sock will keep you warm and dry no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

The sock wicks away moisture, it’s breathable, comfortable and it’s durable.  With extra cushion, these socks will be like your own personal fan club- encouraging you to keep one foot in front of the other. Pros: merino wool, comfortable, stretch, lots of cushion and wicks away moisture. Cons: thick. Price about: $25

8. J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice Sock

J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice SockThis lightweight sock is one of the best-selling winter socks in Canada.  The sock is long, covering the calf- hitting just below the knee. To be exact, the sock is 15” leg length. This is a great sock for skiing, hiking or just running every day errands. It’s made with 70% merino wool and 30% nylon. The sock also gives you added comfort and warm around the calf and arch of your foot.  Pros: lightweight, 70% merino wool, long length, terry cushion liner.  Cons: limited size. Price about: $32

9. Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock

Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool Hiker Boot SockWith an impressive 64% merino wool packed into these socks, there’s no way your feet will feel the frigid temperatures lingering outside your boot. These socks are tough. Darn Tough. A seamless weave of the entire sock, makes annoying toe seams a thing of the past.  The high wool content means these socks manage moisture like a boss.  Plus, no stinky feet here.

The natural antimicrobial properties of merino wool mean you could wear these socks for days in between washes! The socks also have just the right amount of stretch to keep them from shifting around mid-hike! Pros: high merino wool, soft, don’t shift, wicks away moisture, cushion under the foot to keep your feet from getting tired, lifetime guarantee. Cons: expensive. Price about: $24 

10. J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice Sock

J.B. Icelandic -50 Below Ice SockThis pair of socks is made with an impressive 50% wool, 48 % nylon and a bit of elastic to make them oh, so comfortable. The socks are made for anyone standing outside for long periods of time in extreme weather. If you work outside or enjoying hunting in the cold, these are the socks for you. They also have a terry cushion liner for added warmth! Pros: wool, hit mid-calf, pre-shrunk wool, comfortable. Cons: limited sizes. Price about: $24

11. SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Hiking Socks

SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Hiking SocksSmartWool has been making warm, wool socks for more than twenty years. The brand was founded on the belief our feet deserve the best, warmest and most comfortable socks in the world. So, SmartWool stepped up and started making socks to match that very description. The Treking sock is warm, really warm. In fact, it’s made with 70% merino wool.

The heavy cushion weaved into this sock means it’s a great choice for backpackers and other explorers who spend a lot of time on their feet.  The socks have a bit of stretch to them, keeping them in place when you’re on the move. Pros: well made, comfortable, great for hiking, thin, flat toe seam, warm and wicks away moisture. Cons: not for everyday wear Price about: $20.95

12. Darn Tough Uncle Buck Boot Cushion

Darn Tough Uncle Buck Boot CushionThe Uncle Buck Boot Cushion takes on rugged terrain and bitter cold temperatures like you would expect any mountain man would. It’s tough, durable and keeps cold weather from getting anywhere near your precious feet! These socks boost an impressive 60% merino wool and a blend of nylon and stretching lycra.

The socks pair well with your favorite winter boots, with the top of the material stopping mid-calf.  All that wool means these socks wick away moisture, keep the odor at bay and make them really warm- like sitting around a campfire. Without the fire part.  Pros: high wool content, comfortable, stretchy, seamless, wicks moisture and made in Vermont! Cons: limited color selection. Price about: $24

13. FoxRiver Men’s Norwegian Long Mid-Calf

FoxRiver Men's Norwegian Long Mid-CalfThe Fox River Norwegian is a great classic all around warm sock to wear with your favorite winter boot. It’s durable, comfortable and with 85 % wool- there’s no question about warmth. If anything, these socks may be too warm – if there is such a thing.

Because of the high wool content, the socks work to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry. They are designed to be worn for long hikes and really cold weather.  Pros: made in the USA, warm, lots of wool, stretch to fit your foot, breathable and hit mid-calf. Cons: not for everyday wear. Price about: $18

14. J.B. Icelandic -30 Below Classic

J.B. Icelandic -30 Below ClassicIf the mercury drops to -30, drop everything you are doing and put on these socks. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here. These socks are made with an impressive 70% merino wool. They are soft, cozy and comfortable. They’re great socks to wear around the house and to wear in a blizzard.  Because of the impressive amount of wool packed into these socks, they wick away moisture. They are also breathable so you won’t get overheated. Pros: really warm, rated for -30 degrees, wool is soft and wicks away moisture. Variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Price about: $26  

15. Fox River Bilboa

FoxRiver Everyday BilbaoThe Bilboa sock will give you the confidence to say yes to that next day hike with best friends from college are planning. You will be ready to conquer rugged terrain, camp under the stars and walk through streams- knowing your feet will be dry and warm! These are a medium weight sock that is designed for cold weather and shorter adventures, like a day trip to the mountains.

With 70 % merino wool and 29% stretch nylon, you will never have to worry about these socks letting you down. They are warm, wick away moisture and stay put! Pros: warm, high wool content, stretch keeps socks in place, great for day trips, extra cushion where you need it most. Unisex. Cons: not intended for extreme weather or extreme cold.  Price about: $15

16. Darn Tough Via Ferrata

Darn Tough Via FerrataThis sock is made with an impressive 62% merino wool. All that wool means your toes will be toasty all day long, no matter how many puddles, snow berms or icy rivers you walk across. The socks are also padded with cushion to keep your feet moving when you don’t feel like it. The added cushion also makes them really comfortable to wear around town running errands or exploring in the wilderness.

Pros: seamless, merino wool, cushion keeps blisters at bay, can be worn during several temperatures, lifetime guarantee. Pros: warm, keep feet dry, cushion, merino wool. Cons: shorter length. Price about: $21

17. SmartWool PHD Ultra-Light Sock

SmartWool PHD Ultra-Light SockIf you love the thrill of gliding down the slopes, these socks were made just for you. They are lightweight, thin and incredibly warm. Even though they are thin, these socks are packed with 52% merino wool. How about that? The socks also give you the needed venting in key areas, to keep your feet from overheating while you take on another set of moguls.

The sock also stretches and stays in place. There’s nothing worse than trying to adjust a rogue sock at the bottom of chair 3.  Pros: tall length to protect calves and shins, wool, warm, comfortable, venting. Cons: limited for skiing or snowboarding. Price about: $22.95

18. Fox River Carbon Wool Sock

Fox River Carbon Medium Weight Wool SockThe Fox River Carbon is a medium weight sock with a whole lot of merino wool.  It’s made with 60% merino wool and 32% nylon and spandex. This blend of fibers makes these socks really warm and give you support when you are on your feet all day.  Fox River developed at URfit system that provides compression in certain areas around your legs and feet -to prevent fatigue.

The spandex also prevents the sock from losing its shape after the 100th time its been through the ringer. Pros: prevent fatigue, warm, great for light activity, arch support, merino wool and wicks moisture away, one-year warranty.  Cons: not for extreme cold. Price about: $19

19. Wigwam All Weather Socks

Wigwam All Weather SocksThe all-weather sock is what you need on long days running around down or short hikes into the cold mountains.  The socks are super cushioned making them comfortable to wear all day long.  Plus, they are made with a wool and acrylic blend to keep your feet dry! 41% stretch nylon, 28 % wool and several other synthetic materials make this sock warm.  Pros: medium weight sock, can wear almost all year, cushioned, socks hit mid-calf. Cons: would like to see more wool content.  Price about: $13

20. Wigwam Men’s Hiker Essential Socks

Wigwam F1445 Men's Hiker Essential SocksThe Hiker Essential is key to making that next hiking trip a success. These socks are made with a whopping 46% merino wool! The stretch nylon and other synthetic materials give you the arch and ankle support you need on those long trails.  The reinforced heel and toe means your big toe won’t be escaping anytime soon. And the seamless design makes it all around more comfortable to wear.

There’s nothing worse than a sock seam in the wrong place at the wrong time. You know when the toe seam shifts and it’s super uncomfortable? This sock doesn’t do that! Pros: medium weight, great for hikes or long days on your feet, warm, wicks away moisture and seamless design. Cons: runs small   Price about: $20

21. Darn Tough Thermolite Over-The-Calf

Darn Tough Thermolite Over-The-CalfThis is a great pair of socks, when you need a lightweight, thin sock that will keep you warm no matter how far the temperature drops.  The sock is made with a specially engineered synthetic material to keep your feet warm and dry at all times.  The socks are designed to wick away moisture and keep odor away! These socks are also really long, extending almost to the knees for full calf coverage.

The socks are made to feel like you aren’t wearing any socks at all.  That’s how lightweight they are! Pros: warm, lightweight, full calf coverage, great for skiing or climbing, wicks away moisture. Cons:  may need another sock for extra comfort/cushion. Price about: $26

22. SmartWool Mountaineering Sock

SmartWool Mountaineering SockThis is the sock that will stand by your side in the snow, rain and blizzard type weather. It will tag along on whatever peak, river or valley you want to explore during the winter months. It boosts 74 % merino wool and 25% nylon-making this pair of socks not only warm, but also make sure your feet are dry at all times.

This mixture of nylon and wool, give the sock the much-needed stretch and support to keep the fabric from shifting while you shift into high gear on the trail or shoveling snow.  Pros: heavy weight sock, hits mid-calf, extra cushion to keep your feet from getting tired, wool and nylon, wicks away moisture. Cons: thicker sock may not work with all boots. Price about: $24

23. Fox River Therm-O-Ragg

Fox River Therm-O-RaggFox River has been making quality warm winter socks for decades. They are made right here in the Unites States! This pair of socks are a great choice when you’re planning a winter camping trip in the mountains or you are going to be hiking for days on end!  The socks are made with 35% wool, 31% polyester and other synthetic materials.

They are designed to absorb shock and cushion your feet no matter what kind of terrain you are navigating.  The socks hit mid- calf, giving you comfort around your ankles and legs.  Pros: great everyday sock and for winter adventures, wool and polyester blend wick away moisture and keep your feet dry! Cons: limited sizes. Price about: $15

24. Fox River Wick Dry Explorer

Fox River Wick Dry ExplorerThe Fox River Wick Dry Explorer wants to go with you on your next mountain adventure. This sock was made for long, cold trips into the back-country. The wool liner inside the sock is designed to regulate your temperature.  You never have to worry about frigid feet in these socks. They also keep your feet dry when you are sweaty or if you’re trudging through several feet of snow.

The socks are made with 60% acrylic, 20% worsted wool and a blend of stretch nylon and spandex.  While I would typically like to see more wool in a pair of socks, polyester does the trick too! Pros: well made, comfortable, wool keeps moisture away.  Cons: lower percentage of wool in socks. Price about: $12

25. People socks

People socksIf you are looking for a high-quality pair of socks, but you’re on a budget look no further than People Socks. The company is dedicated to making really warm socks for a fraction of the price about of the other guys. Not sure how they do it, but they are making waves in the sock world. The socks are packed with 71 % merino wool and a blend of other synthetic material. The blend is itch-free so you don’t need to worry about trying to scratch your toes while hiking up a mountain peak or walking your dog.

The socks are fairly lightweight, which means you can wear them in a variety of settings and during a number of different activities. Pros: budget friendly, versatile, comfortable, 71 % merino wool, comes in a four pack with a variety of color. Cons: limited sizes due to popularity. Price about: $37/4 pk.

26. Heat Holder Original Sock

Heat Holders Men's OriginalThe Heat Holder Original sock is great for days when the wind is blowing and the temperature drops below zero.  This company specializes in making socks that are made with a heavy yarn that has extraordinary thermal powers.  The socks also feature “pile cushioning” to keep feet comfortable, supported and warm at all times.  According to Heat Holders, the socks are 3 times warmer than your typical thermal sock on the market today. Pros: warm, diabetic friendly, hold heat, comfortable, extended sizes for large feet. Cons: thicker sock. Price about: $16

27. Heat Holder Ultra-Lite

Heat Holder Ultra-LiteThe Heat Holder Ultra-Lite is a great pair of socks when you need something to wear with those boots that don’t have a whole lot of wiggle room. The socks are made with 89% acrylic, 10 % nylon and a little bit of elastane for stretch. The socks get rave reviews from skiers, snowboarders and mountain climbers for how comfortable, lightweight and warm they are.

The sock is made with a medium loop length yarn- that traps heat and keeps that blanket of warmth wrapped around your toes and feet at all times! Pros: warm, lightweight, can be worn daily or for high intense activities.  Cons: no wool.  Price about: $10

28. Injini Snow Midweight

Injinji Winter SocksInjini is changing the way we wear socks. This company is all about the toe socks. While they may seem uncomfortable at first, they are actually really warm and work wonders at keeping your feet from suffering on a long hike or run down the slopes.  By having your toes separated, this brand claims it actually gives you better range of motion and balance. This would be an ideal pair of socks for someone who enjoys running, walking or mountain climbing in the cold weather.

The socks are made with a NuWool fiber that is like merino wool in that it’s a really great fiber for insulation and for moisture management. The socks also have a blend of stretchy material in there to keep the socks in place while you are active.  NO need to worry about blisters here- with toe socks you don’t have toes rubbing up against each other- which has a major source of blistering!

Plus, the padded shins and arch support make a long day in the bitter cold a breeze.  Pros: well made, toe socks, cushion where you need it, comfortable, wicks away moisture and prevent blistering, extend over the calf.  Cons: toe socks may be uncomfortable for some people.   Price about: $30.

What to Look for In A Warm Winter Sock

When shopping for a warm winter sock, you need to pay attention to what the sock is made out of.  Avoid anything made with cotton. Seriously, cotton will steal your body heat faster than a vehicle prowler taking a purse left behind in a car at the mall parking lot. That quickly! Cotton fibers absorb water and hold onto like a wet sponge! When cotton gets wet, it stays wet and it begins to draw body heat away from your core.  The last thing you want to do is lose body heat when you are three miles into a 15-mile winter hike.  Staying warm is a lot easier than getting warm!

So, what should you be looking for in a winter sock? Wool and synthetic material are your best bet at keeping those toes warm and dry at all times.  Wool is probably one of the best sock fibers on the market right now. Wool is a natural insulator, wicks away moisture and has odor-controlling properties. With wool you never have to worry about sweaty or stinky feet!

The higher the wool content, the more effective the sock will be at keeping your feet warm and dry.  A lot of high quality winter socks mix synthetic materials, like nylon and lycra with wool for a stretchy, form fitting sock. The extra stretch also ensures the socks won’t slip down and shift while you’re hiking or running errands around town.

Socks shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You don’t want to risk reducing circulation to your toes and you don’t want to have too much air between the sock and your feet.  Also, thicker socks don’t always equate to warmer socks.  More often than not, a thin pair of wool/synthetic socks will keep you warmer than a thick pair.

Here’s why: a thin pair of socks typically fits nicely in a boot, without it being too snug.  This allows room for warm blood to circulate through your foot and keep a thin layer of warm air close to your body.  Thick socks in your favorite pair of winter boots, can reduce circulation and then suddenly your toes will be freezing.  Make sure you try on your warm winter socks with your boots before you head out on your next adventure!


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