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In this video I do a quick test of the HydroBlu Filtering Water Bottle. The stats on this water bottle are incredible. It filters down to amazingly small sizes and yet the water is easy to drink; almost like there was no filter. It is a really great bottle.

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In this video I test out the Fatboy Ferro Rod that I purchased. I wanted to have at least one really big one that I knew would last a very long time. Plus I think big ferro rods are easier to use. Check out the video!

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In this video I do a review on the Survivor Filter Water Straw. I take it to a local river and test it out and see how the filtered water tastes. These are great filters and I really like them.

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This is an amazing video. In sub-zero temperatures they dump this poor guy, dressed in Fortress Clothing, into a hole in the ice on a lake and then pull him out soaking wet. It only takes a few minutes and he is warm without every taking the wet clothes off and putting dry clothes on.

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This is a short video I did talking about the basics of how to dress for winter survival. You can also read the whole article on this subject at How To Dress For Winter Survival. This is a very important subject if you are going to be out in the extreme cold for extended periods of time.

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