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The snow is starting to fall but you don’t mind one bit.  In fact, you open your tent to get a glimpse of the fresh flakes piling up around your tent at 10,000 feet.  Mummy sleeping bags are best for extreme mountaineering, backpacking and anyone who struggles to stay warm in a rectangle bag.  For this blog, I’m going to be taking a closer look at the best mummy sleeping bags on the market today.

The best mummy sleeping bags will vary from camper to camper. The best bag for you will be determined by your activity, where you are going and what the temperature will be.  All of these factors play a role in determining the best mummy sleeping bag for you.  In general, a mummy bag is designed to trap body heat close to your body and keep you warm on the coldest of nights. As you will find, most mummy bags are designed for winter and three-season camping. 

Mummy Sleeping Bags 101

REI Co-Op Joule 21

If you are new to the sleeping bag world, you might be wondering what makes a mummy bag, a mummy bag. The shape of the bag is like that of a mummy and in some ways you kind of feel like a mummy inside. (See the image of the REI Co-Op Joule 21.) This particular type of bag is wide at top and narrow at your feet. Mummy bags also feature hoods to keep your head warm and cozy while sleeping. The mummy shaped is designed for backpackers who need to maximize their body heat in the middle of the backcountry.

When you are hiking and climbing at high elevations, the weather can be unpredictable and often cold at night- even in the summer months.  Because of the varying elevations and temperatures, backpackers need a sleeping bag to fit snug and keep insulation and body heat close to the skin.  Rectangle sleeping bags tend to be too loose for extreme mountaineering conditions.  All that extra space in a rectangle bag allows the warm air to escape. If you’re camping in the backyard, that really isn’t a problem. However, if you are 8,000 feet up the side of an alpine lake, you will want all the body heat and warm air you can get.

To be honest, mummy bags can take some getting used to. The tapered cut of a mummy is great if you like to sleep on your back.  But, if you like to sleep on your side or even your stomach, you’re going to have a hard time getting comfortable.  At first, a mummy sleeping bag can feel slightly restricting and claustrophobic.  It may take a few trips into the back-country to get used to the constricting shape of a mummy bag.  However, even if you aren’t comfortable- a mummy bag will always keep you extra warm and really that’s all that matters.

Mummy sleeping bags are available in both down and synthetic insulation. If you are choosing a down sleeping bag, make sure the feathers are treated with a water-resistant coating to keep moisture away. Untreated down doesn’t hold up very well in wet weather.  Synthetic insulation is king in rain and snow.  Synthetic tends to be more budget friendly than down sleeping bags, however, it can be bulkier and heavier.  Most mummy bags are lightweight because manufacturers know you don’t want to be lugging a five-pound bag to the top of Mount Rainier.

The Best Mummy Sleeping Bags Are:

Kelty Cosmic Down 20


The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is designed to keep you nice and toasty when there’s a chance of ice and snow outside your tent. The bag is packed with a powerful 600-fill DriDown. This down is treated with a water-resistant coating! That means the down will maintain its insulation value, even if the bag gets wet.  The down will also dry faster If you accidentally land in a puddle with your pack on or the rain starts to pour while you are still on the trail.  This mummy shaped bag is made for three-seasons. However, you can add a sleeping liner and pad to make it warmer for winter adventures as well.

In addition to down insulation, the bag features a dual locking zipper, draft collar and quilting pattern to keep the insulation where it belongs. The foot area of the sleeping bag includes extra waterproof material to keep that morning dew from transferring from your tent to your feet.  A nice, soft hood doubles as a pillow and keeps your body heat from escaping. This bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures above 20 degrees. The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 retails for $160.

REI Co-Op Igneo Sleeping Bag


This high-quality mummy bag, REI Co-Op Igneo Sleeping Bag, is made and designed by the great folks at REI.  The company is known for making great products for campers and backpackers on a budget. And let’s be honest, who isn’t looking to stretch their camping budget? The bag boasts 700-fill duck down that is treated with a water-repellent coating.  This coating will give you peace of mind when Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade- or trail, that is.  The outer shell of the bag is also water-resistant giving you another layer of protection from the unpredictable weather.

This bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures around 25 degrees.  The Igneo is a three-season bag.  However, if you tend to sleep cold while hiking, you may want to throw in a sleeping liner for another layer of warmth. The bag is also designed to zip together with another similar mummy shaped bag. This feature is typically reserved for rectangle shaped bags, so it’s nice to see this offered with a mummy bag.  Even with all that down insulation this bag only weighs one pound, 12 ounces. No need to sacrifice quality for weight- with this bag you get both! This bag retails for $269.

Nemo Ramsey Down Mummy Bag

Nemo Ramsey Down Mummy Bag

Nemo is well-known in the backpacking community for making high quality, intuitive and well-designed sleeping bags. The Nemo Ramsey Down Mummy Bag is no exception. This bag is packed with 650 fill power down. All that soft, fluffy insulation makes this a very comfortable bag to climb into after a long day on the trial.  This is a very generous mummy bag- with enough room in the leg and foot area to move around and get comfy without feeling restricted.

The outer shell of the bag is made with a durable 30D nylon ripstop, treated with a water-resistant finish. This will give you an added layer of protection from any moisture that may be in the air.  The bag is designed to keep you warm when the weather is cold- like 15 degrees cold.  With this rating, you can safely camp in this bag during the spring, summer, and fall. With a weight of just two pounds, seven ounces, you will hardly notice it’s inside your pack. Yes, it’s THAT lightweight.  The Nemo Ramsey retails for $279.

Sea to Summit Traveller

Sea to Summit Traveller TR1 Ultra-Dry Down Sleeping Bag

The Sea to Summit Traveller is an excellent choice for summer nights high in the mountains. This bag is packed with 750-fill power down to keep you nice and comfortable, even when it’s warm outside. The bag is rated to keep you warm when the temperature is above 50 degrees. Technically this is a summer bag, however, it can also be used year-round if you travel around the globe. The bag can also be used as a blanket!

The bag can also be zipped together with another Sea to Summit Traveller sleeping bag for added warmth on frigid nights. This really is a very warm and comfortable sleeping bag. It really is. Even with 750-fill power, this bag is light- tipping the scales at just under a pound. The Sea to Summit Traveller retails for $229.

The North Face One Bag

The North Face One Bag

The North Face One Bag is the only bag you will need for year-round adventures in the back-country. The bag features a three in one sleeping system, allowing you to change the layers of the bag to match the temperature outside your tent. This is really a very handy feature. If it is colder you have all of the layers on you. If it is warmer you shed one. If it is really warm you shed both.

The bag can literally be used in weather ranging from 5 degrees to 40 degrees F. How about that? The bag also boasts 800-fill goose down, giving you the warmth and comfort, you need when you’re exploring mountains in the fall and summer. This bag retails for $300.

Big Agnes Hitchens

Big Agnes Hitchens

Big Agnes Hitchens sleeping bag is an excellent mummy bag for those who thrive on extreme expeditions. This bag is lightweight and incredibly warm. The bag is specifically designed to take up little room in your pack, in fact, it’s so lightweight, you may forget you even have it. The small bag weighs in at one pound and the long pack is almost two pounds. The bag is a classic mummy shape allowing for maximum warmth on those chilly nights in the back-country.

This bag is packed with 850 fill DownTek. This specific down is treated with a water repellent coating to keep you bag from taking on moisture when Mother Nature decides to throw you a curve ball at three in the morning in the form of a rain storm. This bag is a must have for any serious backpacker and mountaineer. The Big Agnes Hitchens rings in at $500.

The North Face Inferno

The North Face Inferno

The North Face Inferno is a solid mummy shaped sleeping bag designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the harshest weather in the world. Think Mount Everest, Denali and Mt. Rainier.  With 800 fill ProDown, this bag is made to keep you nice and toasty when the wind is whipping and the mercury drops below -40 degrees.

This bag also features an internal pocket for easy access to your phone, book or headlamp.  The center zipper cuts down on cold drafts and keeps your body heat where it belongs. The water-resistant fabric on the hood and bottom of the bag, keep moisture from seeping into the down insulation and making you cold. If you are winter camping or attempting to summit one of the world’s largest mountain peaks, you will want to pack this sleeping bag. The North Face Inferno retails for $750.

 Nemo Riff

Nemo Riff

The Nemo Riff is half mummy sleeping bag, half rectangle sleeping bag. The bag is designed for hikers and mountaineers who want to sleep on their sides.  The bag specifically made with extra room around the elbows and knees. The company calls this shape of a bag a Spoon.  The bag is comfortable, cozy and honestly feels a lot like your favorite blanket at home.

The bag is insulated with water resistant Nikwak Hydrophobic Down. This means the down feathers will not loose their insulation value when it starts raining. The front of the bag includes a nifty blanket fold, for added comfort and warmth when the temperature starts to drop. This bag is designed for three-seasons.

However, add a sleeping bag liner and you are set for mild winter camping as well. The bag also zips together with the women’s Jam sleeping bag! The unique arm zippers allow you to make food, check your phone and visit with friends without actually ever getting out of your sleeping bag. This bag retails for $420.

Marmot Trestles 20

Marmot Trestles 20

The Marmot Trestles 20 Elite sleeping bag is perhaps the most extreme mummy shaped bag on the market today. IF you enjoy a tight fit and lots of warmth, this bag is for you. However, if having your feet restricted makes you uncomfortable this isn’t the bag for you. Keep shopping.  The bag is made for three seasons. With a synthetic insulation called ElixR HR, this bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures hovering around 21 degrees.

The bag is packed with three different synthetic fibers, making it really soft and incredibly warm during most weather conditions. The bag is available in two different lengths: long and regular. Both bags weight in under three pounds. The extra hood and draft collar keep warm air where it belongs and blocks cold air from seeping inside your sleeping bag while you’re in dream land.

The extra fabric on the base of the sleeping bag will keep your toes from soaking up moisture from the ground and the edges of your sleeping bag.  If you are looking for a high-quality mummy bag without breaking the bank, this is a great choice. The Marmot Trestles 20 retails for $160.

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