Best Rectangle Sleeping Bags – My Top Picks!

Rectangle sleeping bags are perfect for summer camp, backyard adventures and car camping along the Oregon coast.  Rectangle sleeping bags are roomier than other bag shapes, allowing you to get comfortable and sleep on your side, back or stomach without feeling claustrophobic. For this blog, I’m going to be taking a closer look at the best rectangle sleeping bags on the market today. I hope you find this information helpful and that it aids in your preparation for your next camping trip.

The best rectangle sleeping bags will vary depending on where you are camping, the weather conditions and whether or not you want the added option of zipping two sleeping bags together. Unlike mummy or semi-rectangle shaped sleeping bags, rectangle shaped bags allow you the option to add another bag together for extra warmth on a cold night. Rectangle bags are best for summer and fall camping. However, if you’re heading into the backcountry, you will want a mummy shaped bag to keep warm air close to your body.

The 9 Best Rectangle Sleeping Bags Are:

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Rectangle Sleeping Bags 101

Rectangle Sleeping Bag

Rectangle sleeping bags are an excellent choice if you don’t like to feel restricted in your sleeping bag. Rectangle bags are excellent for backyard campouts, car camping and short hikes into a lake or river. As I mentioned earlier, rectangle shaped bags most often rated to keep you warm when the temperature ranges from 15 degrees to 40 degrees and above. With this temperature range, you can safely and comfortably camp during the summer months, fall and even late spring- depending on where you live.

Rectangle sleeping bags tend to be the most budget-friendly sleeping bag-however, there are a few brands in the higher price range.  In general, rectangle sleeping bags are basic and don’t have a whole lot of extra features, which means you get a break on the price.  In fact, you can easily find a down rectangle sleeping bag for under $100.  If you’re on a budget and don’t want to sacrifice warmth, comfort or quality, a rectangle sleeping bag is a great choice for you.

If you add a sleeping bag liner to the bag, you might get away with making it work when the temperature dips below freezing.  However, don’t attempt to bring a rectangle bag with you if you’re planning an expedition to Mt. Rainier or other extreme alpine adventure. You will freeze.  Stick to summer camping and you’ll be just fine.  Let’s take a closer look at the best rectangle sleeping bags on the market today. Ready? Let’s go!

Tough Outdoors All Season XL Sleeping Bag

Tough Outdoors Summer XL Sleeping BagAll Season Sleeping Bag – The Tough Outdoors All Season XL Sleeping Bag is called an “all season” or “3 season” sleeping bag. In other words it is not recommended for winter time. The comfort temperature range for this sleeping bag is rated as between forty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit. It is designed to be comfortable most days of the year.

Big & Tall Active Sleepers – This sleeping is made for both big and tall people as well as for very active sleepers in mind. It is created as a very wide open feeling spacious XL size sleeping bag. You will be able to toss and turn in this sleeping bag all you want. The manufacturer says it is comfortable for people up to 6’6″ (its dimensions are 88″ x 34″ inches).

Easy To Carry & Handy Pocket – This sleeping bag is light and easy to carry. It weighs just 4 pounds and packs down to 16″ x 8″ x 8″. It cleans up easy and is machine washable. You just want to hang it dry. It also has a handy storage pocket. You can store things like your keys in the bag’s inner pocket for quick access.

REI Siesta 30

REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag

The REI Siesta 30 is the perfect place to take a mid-afternoon nap or count shooting stars at your campsite.  They have several different colors to choose from. This bag is part of the REI brand, which means it’s budget friendly and well made.  It’s packed with polyester fibers- a synthetic insulation. This means the insulation will hold up when the weather takes a turn for the worst and you need to stay warm. The bag also features a uniform quilting pattern to keep the insulation from shifting-which means you get even coverage from head to toe.

The bag is rated to keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature is above 30 degrees. The temperature rating classifies this REI product as a summer bag. The rating is a suggestion.  If you sleep cold, you may need a liner or warmer bag. The rectangle shape gives you plenty of leg room to sleep on your side or stomach. This bag tips the scales at just under four pounds.

The North Face Dolomite 20 Double

The North Face Dolomite 20 Double

This two-person rectangle sleeping bag, the North Face Dolomite 20 Double, is perfect for a camping getaway or an extra cold night in the woods. The bag is wide enough for two people, doubling the warmth.  The bag boasts synthetic insulation called Heatseeker. This specific type of insulation is perfect for trapping heat and keeping you nice and warm all night long. Heatseeker insulation is also incredibly lightweight- making it easy to pack this bag to your campsite. The bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures above 20 degrees. However, with double the body heat inside the bag I imagine you would be able to stay warm in weather below 20 degrees.

The bag zips on both sides, making it easy to get in and out when the other person is sound asleep. The bag is also great to unzip completely and use as a down blanket when it’s warm outside. For a double bag, you can’t beat the price either. This bag currently retails for $170.   If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, The North Face offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its sleeping bags. So, you can rest assured if this bag doesn’t take you to dreamland, you can get your money back.

Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag

Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag will make stargazing comfortable and cozy the next time you head on a camping adventure. This bag is stuffed with DriDown insulation. This means the down feathers are treated with a water-resistant coating to ensure the insulation retains its insulation value when it starts to rain or snow on your campout.   The bag is a simple rectangle shape, with chevron quilting to keep the down feathers from shifting around the bag.  The anti-snag zippers make getting in and out of this bag a cinch.

This down sleeping bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures above 30 degrees. Add a liner and you could take this down bag on a later fall camping adventure. The bag is lightweight, weighing in at just two pounds.  For a basic down sleeping bag, it doesn’t get any better than the Kelty Galactic 30. Down is comfortable, cozy and all around a great insulation for warmth.  This bag rings in at $99, making it high-quality and budget-friendly all at the same time.

Kelty Discovery 15

Kelty Discovery 15 Sleeping Bag

If you are on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice a good night’s sleep under the stars, check out the Kelty Discovery 15 Sleeping Bag. This is a basic sleeping bag with a fleece lined interior to keep you warm, dry and comfortable no matter where you camp.  The bag is packed with a synthetic insulation known at CloudLoft synthetic.  The bag is bulky, weighing five pounds. But, if you aren’t going far, there’s no need to worry about the weight of the bag.

The Kelty Discovery 15 is designed to keep you warm in temperatures above 15 degrees. So, technically this would be classified as a three-season bag. Add a liner and you have a bag to last you all season long, even through the winter months.  The bag can be unzipped to use as a blanket or zipped together with another bag to create a double.  This bag is well made, comfortable and keeps you warm no matter what the weather. Best of all, this bag rings in at under $80. How about that?

Nemo Huckleberry Sleeping Bag

Nemo Huckleberry Sleeping Bag

The Nemo Huckleberry is one of the most affordable bags Nemo makes. At first glance, this bag looks like something your grandpa slept in as a kid.  The nostalgic flannel print, brass zippers, and heavy duty waxed canvas make this bag timeless- a passport to dream about the good old days. This bag is made with synthetic insulation, making it perfect for those summer nights when the temperature hovers around 50 degrees, although it is rated to keep you warm in weather above 45 degrees F.

The outer shell of the bag is designed and constructed with heavy duty waxed canvas, making it durable and water-resistant.  The plaid flannel interior lining adds comfort when you need it the most. Who doesn’t like wearing a flannel shirt? This bag is like being wrapped in flannel from head to toe!  The bag is surprisingly lightweight, tipping the scales at just two pounds two ounces. The bag retails for $199, with free shipping on orders over $99.

Nemo Moonwalk Down Sleeping Bag

Nemo Moonwalk Down Sleeping Bag

The Nemo Moonwalk is a step up from the Huckleberry. This bag is specifically designed for backpacking adventures and the cold weather that you’ll be sure to encounter along the way.  This bag is made to be placed directly on the ground without it getting wet. How about that? Nemo refers to this technology as a waterproof tub.  The bag boasts 700 fill power down, making it perfect for those chilling nights when the mercury hovers around freezing. The Moonwalk is the perfect sleeping bag for watching the moon rise over a mountain range in the middle of September.

The outer shell of the bag is 20D nylon ripstop treated with a durable water-resistant coating. This coating will keep moisture from penetrating the bag and affecting the down insulation.  The bottom of the bag is made with waterproof material, making it even more durable against a wet and cold ground. The bag is lightweight and features a drawstring collar to keep body heat inside the bag. The Moonwalk retails for $280.

 The North Face Homestead 40

The North Face Homestead 40

The North Face Homestead 40 is a fun and bright spin on a classic rectangle sleeping bag. In fact, The North Face has created an entire line of outdoor gear for campers who don’t want to leave their style at the trail-head.  The Homestead is a basic synthetic insulated sleeping bag with bold prints and bright colors. The bag is designed to fit a twin mattress, so it’s perfect to keep up at your lake cabin or send with the kids as they head off to summer camp.

The Homestead is also great for when extra company shows up at your cabin or home! Just throw a couple sleeping bags on the ground or on a couch and you have a warm bed for last minute visitors.  They’ll sleep so good, they will want to take the Homestead home with them!

The bag is rated to keep you warm in temperatures above 40 degrees. The insulation is Heatseeker, eco insulation which is a recycled product.  The inside of the bag includes a small stash bag to keep your cell phone close by at all times.  You can also zip two bags together to create a double bag for double the warmth on chilly nights.  The bag also folds down in front, allowing you to make your bed, just like you do at home!  This is a high quality, fun and comfortable sleeping bag for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors and still have money left to splurge on s’mores supplies. This bag retails for $89.

L.L. Bean Down Sleeping Bag

L.L. Bean Down Sleeping Bag

L.L. Bean is known for its well-made, durable and high-quality line of clothing. Now, the well-known outdoor company is getting into the sleeping bag market. This L.L. Bean Sleeping Bag is packed with 650 – fill down. The feathers have been treated with a water-resistant coating to keep moisture away. If this bag does get wet, the down feather will dry out 60% faster than feathers not treated with a DWR coating. This is a solid, three-season bag with the ability to keep you nice and toasty in temperatures hovering around 20 degrees.  Add a sleeping bag liner and you stretch this bag into the winter months if needed.

The outer shell of the bag is made with a water-resistant rip-stop nylon. The baffling quilting design keeps down feathers in place while you are hiking, cycling or just trying to get comfortable during the night. The rectangle shape gives you the extra wiggle room to stay cozy and comfortable all night long. Even though this rectangle bag is for three seasons, it has all the characteristics of a winter bag. The draft collar keeps warm air close to your body, and the full-length zipper makes it easy to get in and out.

This bag can also be zipped together with another similar bag to create more room and double the warmth.  The inside of the bag also includes a pocket for your wallet, headlamp, cell phone, book or tablet.  This side pocket makes it easy to find what you need right away- no need to dig around in your pack for a flashlight! The bag is perfect for backpacking, car camping, and cycling adventures.  It’s lightweight, tipping the scales at just two pounds.  This bag retails for $240.

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