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Top 10 Premade 72-Hour Kits

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When there’s an emergency you may not have time to grab a flashlight, matches and freeze-dried food while a raging fire is making its way closer and closer to your home. 

In an emergency, a 72-hour kit will make it easy and comfortable to get through the crisis at hand. Today, I’m going to be taking a look at the best pre-made 72-hour kits and what makes them so awesome.

Echo-Sigma Bug Out Bag Large

When researching the top 10 pre-made 72-hour kits, it became clear there are a variety of products on the market today.  The pre-made 72-hour kits that made my list today all include food, water, shelter, first aid kits and other survival essentials. A 72-hour kit should be comprehensive, easy to use, easy to store and help you survive three days without power at home or on the go.

Below I have links to each of the pre-made 72 hour kits that I highlight in this article. I will tell you what I like about them and what their limitations are. When you click on of the links, if you wish to get back to this list, all you have to do is to hit your browser back button. Okay here we go! Let’s get started!

My Favorites…

Sustain Supply Bug Out Bag

Sustain Supply Premium Emergency Survival Kit

2 and 4-person kits for 72 hrs

Freeze-dried meals

High quality supplies

Ready America Deluxe Backpack

Ready America 72 Hour Deluxe Emergency Kit

Supplies for 4 people for 72 hours

Emergency power station

US Coast Guard approved food and water

The Earthquake Bag

The Complete Earthquake Bag

Supplies for 1-6 people for 72 hrs

24 water pouches

Very well organized

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In My Opinion the Top 10 Pre-made 72 Hour Emergency Kits Are:

1. Sustain Supply Company Comfort 

Sustain Supply Emergency Survival Kit & Backpack, 4 Person, 72 Hours, Disaster Preparedness Go-Bag…
  • 72-HOUR SURVIVAL KITS – The first 72 hours after disaster are the most critical, making it essential to have an emergency kit with all the supplies, gear, nutrition, and water needed for the…
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY EMERGENCY BAG – Survival backpacks include 24 Wise Company non perishable food servings with bowls and utensils, 4 Aqua Literz 33.8oz Emergency Water Pouches, 4 water filtration…

This is my favorite emergency kit. For the money you get the most for, and the best quality for the money. At least that has been my experience.

Sustain Supply Company is dedicated to making the world’s best all in one survival kit. The company sources all the best gear, best brands and puts it all together for you in one easy to carry a backpack. This is all you will need to survive 72-hours in an emergency situation.

Think of Sustain Supply Company like a Costco of emergency kits. It only sells the highest quality gear at an affordable price.  There’s nothing worse than trying to use an emergency blanket in a crisis, only to discover the blanket has a hole in it. Quality matters with this company and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

The company sells a variety of sizes to match your needs. In this review, I’m taking a closer look at the Comfort 2, which is designed for 2 people.  The company also makes 72-hour kits for 2 people, a bag of just basic essentials and add-ons in case you need more gear than what is provided for you in your 72-hour kit.

72-hour kits take the guesswork out of determining how much food, water, and other supplies you will need.  Sustain Supply Company does all the work for you. You just need to add it to your cart and get excited for it to arrive on your doorstep.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 12 Wise Food Servings, 24 Packets of water, 1 sawyer mini water purifier, 4 snap lights, 1 pocket knife, 1 LED lantern, 1 flashlight, 1 first aid kit, 2 emergency blankets, 1 baby wipes pack, 1 portable stove, 2 bowls and utensils and a magnesium rod, fire starters and 2 whistles.  Wow. That’s a lot of gear.  I like this 72-hour kit because it includes high-quality freeze-dried food. This is key. Wise is known for making gourmet freeze-dried food. It’s so good, you may be tempted to make a few meals even when there isn’t an emergency.

PROS: The kit is all put together with a heavy-duty nylon backpack. The pack has lots of pockets to make it easy to access all your critical supplies. If you need to evacuate your home, the pack is made with padded shoulders to make it comfortable while you are heading to safety.

CONS: The water purifier is also crucial to a 72-hour kit.  The water purifier, however, is only intended to fit one water bottle at a time. I would like to see another filter/purifier added to the kit.  I could also do without the baby wipes.

But, overall this is a very solid, well rounded 72-hour emergency kit. It has everything you need to thrive during a 72-hour window of time. This pack is intended for two people to survive for 72-hours.  It rings in at around $200.  You can’t beat the price for all this high-quality gear.

Check it out here: Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag.

2. Ready America Deluxe Backpack

Ready America 72 Hour Deluxe Emergency Kit, 4-Person 3-Day Backpack, First Aid Kit, Survival…
  • Emergency Kit For Disaster Preparedness: Stay Prepared For Emergency Situations Everywhere You Go. Ready America Emergency Survival Kits Sustain 4 People For 3 Days (72 Hours). Basic Essential…

Are you ready for the next emergency? With the Ready America Deluxe Backpack, you will have peace of mind, knowing you can survive whatever crisis comes your way.  Now, that sounds like something I can stand behind. Ready America is a national company specializing in disaster supplies.

The company sells everything needed to get through an emergency for homeowners, corporations, schools, cities and states.  Ready America even sells disaster supplies for you pet.  We love this company already, no need to say anything more.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 4 food bars, 2400 calories a food bar, 4 boxes of water, 4 emergency ponchos, 4 survival blankets, emergency power station, duct tape, swiss army knife, 33-piece first aid kit, emergency light sticks, nitrile gloves, 4, N-95 dust mask, pocket tissue, leather gloves, emergency whistle, pre-moistened towelettes, waste bag and backpack.

PROS: Overall, this is a solid 72-hour kit.  The emergency power station is the highlight of this 72-hour kit. The emergency power station is an AM/FM radio, siren, flashlight and phone charger all in one. How about that? If the power goes out you are going to need a way to charge your phone.  In fact, having your cell phone charged may be the only way you will be able to call for help or communicate with friends and family. The emergency whistle is another great thing to have in a 72-hour kit.  A whistle can help search and rescue crews find you and your family.  A whistle can also help reunite you with family if you become lost while evacuating your home. The water, first aid kit and leather gloves also make this kit a great choice to store at home, in your car or at work. We also love the price at under $150 for four people!

CONS: What’s with the food bars? While there is technically enough food to help you survive three days, it just doesn’t do it for me.  With so many great freeze-dried food companies around, I know there are so many more food options than what’s in this kit. Another thing missing from this survival pack? Weatherproof matches. Where are the matches? Having the ability to start fire during an emergency is important.  Add your own weatherproof matches and kindling to make this pack more complete. The backpack is red, which makes it easy to find, but I question the durability. It looks more like something for the first day of school.  But, it holds everything you need so it’s not so bad!

Check it out here: Ready America Deluxe Backpack

3. The Complete Earthquake Bag

Complete Earthquake Bag – Emergency kit for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods + Other…
  • COLOR-CODED ORGANIZATION SYSTEM: Built for 2 People for a 3-Day Period, Organized in Re-sealable Waterproof Packs
  • FOOD + WATER + HYGIENE INCLUDED: 3600 Calorie Food Bars with 5 Yr Shelf Life (Packaged within 6 months from date of manufacture), Water Pouches (24) with 5 Yr Shelf Life (Packaged within 6 months from…

The name says it all. This bag is designed to keep you alive and well for 72 hours after an earthquake or other emergencies. The company claims its 72-hour kits include more water and more food than any other kit on the market today.

I like this company already! The kit is packed inside a red rolling cargo bag.  The wheels make it easy to maneuver around your house or take it out to the car in an event of an evacuation.

WHAT’S INSIDE? (2) 3600 calorie food bars, (24) water bags with straws, water purification tablets, 107-piece first aid kit, (2) hygiene kits, pocket tissues, waste bags, pencil, notepad, whistle, (2) dust masks, 50-foot nylon rope, multi-function rope, goggles, 30-hour emergency candle, 12-hour bright stick, hand crank flashlight, radio, phone charger, waterproof matches, emergency ponchos, (2) mylar sleeping bag, tent, and hand warmers.

PROS: This bag is well balanced, with extra water, calories and first aid supplies and other key survival tools.  No need to ration water with this 72-hour emergency kit. The emergency candles, waste bags and, mylar sleeping bags also give this kit two thumbs up.  The mylar sleeping bags use your own body heat to keep you warm. The shiny metallic inside reflects body heat back to you. This type of sleeping bag is lightweight but keeps you incredibly warm.

CONS: The food bars are probably the biggest problem I have with this kit.  Let’s throw in some freeze-dried food just to make your emergency situation a little less bland.  Also, I’d like to add a compass, mag flint and, fire starters just in case. Because the bag is on rollers, it may be difficult to take with you into the woods or far distances by foot.

Check it out here: The Complete Earthquake Bag

4. The Seventy2 Survival System

This 72-hour kit is all about quality. It’s designed by survival professionals. You know the experts who teach other people like you and me how to start a fire with moss and a mag flint. Yep, those guys and gals.

This pack is incredibly well designed, intuitive and packs a punch when it comes to mobility, aesthetics, and function. The pack itself is so cool. It’s made out of military grade nylon, it’s gray in color to blend into a crowd if needed and it can be used as a flotation device.

How about that? This pack is comfortable, making it easy to carry all your supplies with you if you need to evacuate your home.

WHAT’S INSIDE? Nalgene water bottle, goggles, food bars, first aid kit, paracord, shovel/pickaxe, water syringe, collapsible water tank, mylar emergency blanket, anti-bacterial wipes, filtration mask, survival knife, mag alloy fire starter, waterproof match case, sunscreen, radio/flashlight/cell charger, beanie, mylar survival tent, gloves, duct tape, body warmers.  The insert of the backpack has incredible pockets with instructions on how to use each tool printed on the pack itself. How cool is that? This pack is designed for one person and rings in at around $350.

PROS: This is by far the most well designed 72-hour kit I’ve come across. It’s packed with all the essentials, yet it’s lightweight and it’s easy to carry.  This is one of the first pre-made 72-hour kits I’ve seen that includes a well-made, durable shovel. This is awesome. Multiple water filters and the radio make this an excellent choice for a pre-made 72-hour kit.  As I mentioned earlier, the bag is made out of waterproof material so you use it as a flotation device if needed. I don’t think there’s another pre-made 72-hour kit on the market right now that keep you alive in a water.

CONS: There’s no way around it, this pre-made 72-hour kit is expensive. It’s by far the most pre-made kit in the market today, especially considering it’s just for one person. However, there is nothing like this backpack on the market today, so in some ways, the price is justified.  For about $350 though, I’d like to see higher quality food selection. But, you know me. I’m all about the food!

Check it out here: The Seventy2 Survival System

5. 72-hour Tactical Backpack Survival Kit

No products found.

This is a find! Originally it was only available at Costco. Costco is well known for its stringent vendor selection process. The wholesaler doesn’t just sell any 72-hour kit, it sells the best.  This pack has it all, including lifesavers! Oh, the irony. Not only does this kit have everything you need, it comes with a heavy-duty, military style pack.

It’s a tactical pack, in fact, made out of nylon. This pack has lots of pockets and compartments, making it easy to find your compass and first aid kit in a hurry. The pack is available in three different colors: black, tan and green.

It also comes with padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a padded waistband.  So, if you need to leave your home in a hurry, you can throw on this pack and get to safety quickly and comfortably.

WHAT’S INSIDE? American Red Cross crank-powered radio, flashlight and smartphone charger, OKO water filtration bottle, canteen cup and canteen stove, high quality freeze-dried food (3,000 calories per day), 8-4.225 ounces emergency drinking water pouches, 400 calorie mini meal food bars, ready fuel, 80-piece first aid kit, survival knife, map compass. This pack is designed for one person. 

PROS: This is a great all around 72-hour kit.  I really like the compass component to this kit.  It’s rare to find a kit with navigation tools.  If you are forced to evacuate your home during an emergency, you may need a compass to point you in the right direction. Don’t rely on your own sense of direction or landmarks. If there is a natural disaster, those key landmarks may be destroyed by fire, earthquake or tornadoes.  A natural disaster can easily make your own neighborhood unrecognizable.  Having a map compass will literally point you in the right direction and keep you away from danger.

The backpack included with this 72-hour kit is amazing. It’s durable, heavy duty and it appears to be very comfortable. This is by far one of the best 72-hour kit backpacks I’ve come across.  The ready fuel is another positive component of this 72-hour kit.  The fuel is a non-toxic gel that ignites. It doesn’t produce any odor or smoke, so you can use it inside your home or inside a tent. The emergency food is spot on.  Brown sugar oatmeal, savory black beans and rice, heavy potato soup and orange drink mix are all included in this 72-hour kit.

CONS: The kit has everything you need except shelter. This 72-hour kit doesn’t include an emergency blanket, tarp, rope, or tent.  If you shelter in place at your home, this won’t be a problem. However, if you need to leave your home and rough it in the woods or in a neighborhood park, you are going to need something to keep you warm and dry.  I recommend purchasing an emergency blanket and tarp and adding it to this pack. With shelter in place, this pack will be complete.

Check it out here: 72-hour Tactical Backpack Survival Kit

6. Survival Prep Warehouse

Survival Prep Warehouse
Survival Prep Warehouse

Survival Prep Warehouse is a company focused on providing you with the tools and supplies you will need to thrive and survive an emergency situation. 

The company makes several kits, to match the size of your family. It also makes kits for office and school lockdown!  Let’s take a look at the 4-person family premium survival kit. This kit includes enough food and water to keep you alive and well for three days.

While most survival kits are in backpacks, this kit is in a heavy duty red duffle bag.  This could cause problems if you have to take it with you. I’ll get into that in a minute.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 48 pouches of drinking water, (4) 2400 calorie food bars, (1) 2.5 gallon water bag, (1) water purification tablets, hand crank flashlight and AM/FM radio, flashlight with batteries, 12 hr. military grade light sticks, whistle, compass and flint all in one, (4) mylar emergency space blankets, (4) emergency ponchos, (4)16hr body warmers, (2) 2 person tents, waterproof matches, emergency candles, mag flint starter, steel pocket knife, leather gloves, dust masks, 50 foot nylon rope, 11 in 1 pocket tool, emergency gas shut off wrench and crow bar, first aid kit, tissue, hygiene kit, waste bag and playing cards.  This 4 person 72-hour kit rings in at roughly $200. That’s $50/person!

PROS: This kit is packed with tools. The wrench is a great idea to keep in an emergency kit. If the power is out and you need to turn off your gas, a wrench will come in handy. The hand crank radio, compass, whistle and mag starter are all excellent tools to have in a kit. The mag flint starter makes it easy to start a fire in a variety of conditions.  Just shave magnesium pieces with the flint, light a match or use sparks from the flint to create flames! It’s that simple.  The purification tablets are also a great item to keep in a kit.

CONS: Food bars and flimsy tent.  The food bars are designed to keep you alive.  But, as I’ve mentioned before there are higher quality options to add to a kit.  Who wants to eat a food bar in the middle of an emergency? I guess it’s better than nothing, but I would like to see these kits with higher quality meals. The emergency tent in this kit also appears to be too flimsy.  While it’s not going to replicate your home, it should hold up in inclement weather.  I’m not convinced this tent will keep you warm and dry.

7. Wise Company Ultimate 72-hour Kit

Wise Company, Ultimate 72 Hour Emergency Kit, Food Supply, Water Filtration and Fire Starter
  • THREE DAY EMERGENCY KIT – 72 hour kit includes 72 servings of delicious freeze-dried meals and beverages, 28oz Seychelles water filtration bottle, three 1c pouches of Wise Fire Fuel + Fire Starter in…

Wise Company specializes in making freeze-dried food. The company makes the food all the rest of the pre-made 72-hour kits should be adding to the supply list. With selections like savory stroganoff and tomato basil soup, you are going to look forward to making these meals during an emergency.

Who says you can’t eat well during a crisis? Some people may even argue, you need to eat even better during an emergency to stay strong healthy and be able to make rational decisions. If you need to evacuate or hike a few miles to safety, you will need the proper fuel to do so. 

Because this company specializes in freeze dried food, that is the focus of this 72-hour kit.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 72 servings of food totaling more than 13,000 calories, 28-ounce Seychelle Water Filtration system, and a bucket. That’s it. Let’s take a closer look at the meals:  Creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, savory stroganoff, tomato basil soup with pasta, southwest beans, and rice, brown sugar and maple multi-grain, apple cinnamon cereal, orange delight drink mix, and whey milk alternative. All the food is individually sealed in mylar pouches, with a shelf life of up to 25 years.  The food and water bottle all come nice and packed in a durable bucket with a handle for easy transportation.  This kit is made for two people and rings in at about $125.

PROS: This 72-hour kit is all about excellent nutrition.  If you don’t want to stomach food bars found in other 72-hour kits, you should certainly add this to your emergency supply room. The food is made with the finest ingredients and freeze-dried to capture the nutrients and flavor.  Just add water and you can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a matter of minutes.  The water bottle included in the bucket makes it easy to have fresh clean water for your meals.  The bucket is durable, making it nearly indestructible even in a natural disaster.

CONS: Clearly there are no tools included in this 72-kit.  This kit is intended to be added to your emergency supplies.  You will need a flashlight, matches, emergency blankets, fire starters, whistle, compass and other survival tools.

Check it out here: Wise Company Ultimate 72-hour Kit

8. American Preparedness 72 Hour Kit

This company has been making sure government’s, corporation and households across the world are ready for the next emergency. In fact, American Preparedness has been passionate about being prepared since 1981.

Wow. That’s a long time! The company makes a variety of pre-made 72-hour kits to fit your specific needs. For this blog, I’m taking a look at the two-person backpack. The backpack is red, making It easy to find when there’s a crisis.

The backpack is on the smaller side, making it easy for even a child to carry around.

WHAT’S INSIDE? (12) 200 calorie food bars, 20 emergency drinking water pouches, 2 thermal emergency blankets, 4 body warmers, 2 ponchos, 4 light sticks, 2 flashlights, 2 whistles, 1 deck of cards, 6 trash bags, 1 knife, (4) 1 gallon bags, 5 small bags, toothpaste, 2 tooth brushes, 1 pair of leather palm gloves, 1 tarp, 1 AM/FM radio, (1) 50 foot rope, 1 children’s coloring book and crayons, (1) 2 gallon collapsible water container, 4 tissue packs, 12 moist towelettes, 2 waste bags, 6 sanitary pads, 4 dust masks, first aid kit.

PROS: Let’s start with the children’s coloring book. It’s genius, really.  Keep the boredom at bay with a coloring book. While not critical to survival, if you are a parent you might argue otherwise. The first aid kit also big with sterile eye pads, tweezer a variety of gauze and splints. This is one of the best first aid kits out of all the pre-made 72-hour kits.  The body warmers, the water, and emergency blankets also give this premade 72-hour kit two thumbs up!

CONS: Again, not a fan of the food bars.  The flashlights are run of the mill. They are not named brand and require bulky batteries to operate. I’m not a fan of those either. This kit also lacks fire making capabilities. Throw in a couple weatherproof matches and fire starters and you would have a complete kit.

Check it out here: American Preparedness 72 Hour Kit

9. American Red Cross Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Kit

Ready America 72 Hour Deluxe Emergency Kit, 2-Person 3-Day Backpack, First Aid Kit, Survival…
  • 72-hour emergency kit for disaster preparedness: Stay prepared for emergency situations everywhere you go. Ready America emergency survival kits have enough supplies for 2 people for 3 days (72…

The red cross is in the business of education and preparedness. This is the organization that responds to a disaster when people need water, shelter and medical care. It’s safe to say it knows a lot about being prepared. 

The deluxe 3-day emergency kit is enough for one person to survive, three days.  The Red Cross also makes kits for two and four people. This kit is very well organized, with clear pouches to easily see all your supplies at once.  There is no digging for that pair of tweezers with this backpack.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 1 Battery powered flashlight (batteries included), 1 Red Cross Eton Hand Crank Emergency Radio 1 Emergency blanket, moist towelettes, 1 Pen light Food packets, 2,400 calories total, water pouches, procedural breathing mask Rain poncho, 1 Roll of duct tape, 2″ × 30 yds 1 Water container, holds 3.5 gallons, whistle, hygiene kit, 45-piece First aid kit.

PROS: The flashlight, hand cranked radio and duct tape make this a great all around 72-hour emergency kit. The blanket will keep you warm when a chill sets in at night.  And what can’t you do with duct tape? Pretty much everything. You can even use it on wounds.

CONS: This kit does not include matches, fire starters or a mag flint.  I would buy these items and add it to your kit.  This kit also needs more than food bars.  Let’s add in some Mountain House freeze dried food and you’ll be set for the next emergency.

Check it out here: American Red Cross Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Kit

10. Stealth Angel 2 Person Elite Survival Kit

Stealth Angel 2 Person Elite Survival Kit

This Los Angeles based company is dedicated to making really comprehensive 72-hour survival kits. According to the company, everything in this kit is tested and hand selected for its quality, durability, and ease of use. 

Now, that sounds like something I can stand behind. This kit is massive and it’s all for under $100.  How about that? In this kit, you will just about everything you need to get through an emergency, if you are stranded at home or forced to evacuate, this is a great kit for whatever crisis you are facing.

WHAT’S INSIDE? 12-400 calorie food bars, 12- 4 oz water pouches, 20 water purification tablets, AM/FM radio, 3 LED rechargeable flashlights, 30 hour emergency candle, 12 hour emergency bright stick, survival whistle, 2 emergency survival sleeping bags, 2-body warmers, 2 person tent with rope, 2 emergency ponchos with a hood, 16 function tool, leather palm work gloves, 2, N95 respirator masks, 50 feet nylon rope, safety goggles, sewing kit, 2-24 piece dental hygiene kit, tooth brush tooth paste, wet naps, soap, shampoo, floss, razor, comb, maxi pads, washcloth, shave cream, tissue, first aid kit, waste bag, playing cards, pencil and notepad.

Phew. Okay, I think I listed everything. That’s a lot of gear for $100.  In fact, if you were to purchase all this gear individually it would cost you more than $170.  Now, that’s a value.  Clearly, this 72-hour kit has everything you need to survive an emergency. It’s all brought together by a high-quality nylon backpack. The backpack is red and gray, making it easy for you to spot in your storage room, garage or attic.

PROS: This kit is massive, it has 37 different survival elements. I love the variety of gear, right down to the leather gloves.  The hygiene kit is also a plus.  So often, we forget to pack toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss. Keeping your mouth nice and clean should always be a priority, even in an emergency.  I also like the tent, survival sleeping bags and rope. These are all great tools to keep you warm and dry if you need to evacuate your home.

CONS: I couldn’t help but notice this kit doesn’t include any fire starters.  I would like to see a few packets of fire nuggets or kindling to help start a fire in an emergency.  Let’s talk about the food bars.  I don’t know about you, but there is nothing appealing about a food bar. Yes, these bars will give you the calories needed to survive, but they don’t look very tasty. That’s just me. I would like to see a better food selection in this 72-hour kit.

Check it out here: Stealth Angel 2 Person Elite Survival Kit

Final Thoughts

Okay I really do hope that this article here will be extremely helpful. Weather you put together your own, or purchase one (and possibly add to it), getting 72 hour kits for every member of your family is extremely important.

You just can’t consider yourself prepared for emergencies without them. In many emergency scenarios you may need to either hike back home to safety, or evacuate. In either case you and your family will need 72 hour kits.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. If you have found this information at all helpful, please share it on your social media. This really shows the search engines that this was helpful and it helps us get the word out.

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