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Grandpa & Roger

Hi, my name is David and I am the original founder of As of late 2022, the website is now owned and operated by Simon Cuthbert.

For the last 30 plus years I (David) have been interested in and researching emergency preparedness. (This picture is of me and my first grandson Roger a few years ago! Grand-kids are so awesome!)

Family and loved ones are the main reason I am passionate about Emergency preparedness. For example most people wouldn’t think of not having something as basic as term life insurance. That is a must to take care of your family in case you die prematurely. Bad things happen. Economies fail, natural disasters occur, accidents happen and even a war is not out of the realms of possibility. It just makes sense to plan ahead and to be as prepared as you can no matter what comes your way.

Our Beginnings In Emergency Preparedness!

My wife and I were married in the spring of 1988. During the first few years we were poor college students. We were not able to do much in the way of saving money or food storage. However having at least a year’s supply of food was always in the back of our mind.

By the early 1990’s I had started a little business, and though money was still tight, we were able to start chipping away at getting our year’s supply of food.

I remember how it felt that first time we could honestly say we had accumulated a year’s supply of food. By this time we already had our first two children. And so we now had to store enough food for four people, instead of just two. And we did it! It was a very good and satisfying feeling.

Back then (for the most part) the only thing you could get besides canned foods were dried foods. We stored many things that we don’t normally eat, such as wheat, beans, noodles, dried bananas etc. It would’ve be a shock to our system if we had had to live off of them, but at least we could survive.

Saving For A Rainy Day!

When I was in college I remember a business professor standing at the front of our class holding up a copy of George S Clason’s book “The Richest Man In Babylon“. (This was before the days of Dave Ramsey and his book “The Total Money Makeover“) He said “If you don’t get anything else out of this class, listen to what I am going to tell you now!”. He then began to tell us about the book The Richest Man In Babylon.

He said that if we followed the principles in this short paperback book, we would never want in our life and our families would always have abundance. That got my attention. From that moment on I read that book numerous times and did my best to follow the principles it teaches. Sometimes I did better than others I must admit, but it was always a focus.

The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover

Then Dave Ramsey came out with his awesome book “The Total Money Makeover” and put the principles of financial preparedness in to practical modern day applications. From the minute I got this book I started doing my best to follow his advice as well. His principles are basically the same as The Richest Man In Babylon, just the context is different.

The Richest Man In Babylon is a fictional story about a man in ancient Babylon who was taught these principles by (you guessed it) the richest man in Babylon. Then he becomes the richest man in Babylon. It is a great little story.

Dave Ramsey takes those principles (I don’t know if he got them from The Richest Man In Babylon or not), and applies them to our modern day of credit card debt etc. His is by far my favorite book on the subject and I highly recommend it.

Creating A Useful Emergency Preparedness Resource

Then as life went on, as we updated old food storage items etc., I started to think about 72 hour kits, wood stoves, winter survival clothes, fuel storage, sleeping bags, and backup power supplies. I began to want to be prepared for more and more types of situations. For example, what if we had a big earthquake or some other natural disasters? What other supplies might we need that would be unique to those kinds of situations?

And as more time has passed I have researched more and more emergency preparedness areas. This has been a life long passion that I felt was very important. As I have given advice to people and tried to help them in this area, the idea finally came that maybe I should create a resource that would help more people other than just those who know me personally. This website is that resource.

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