24 Warmest Winter Boots – My Top Picks!

Warmest Winter Boots

When you are looking the warmest winter boots you will quickly find out that all boots are not created equal. Some, although very warm, are not built as well as others. For some you pay extra for the brand name while you might actually get a better pair of boots for the money from a different brand. So it is important to consider the whole package when choosing your boots.

The warmest winter boots will keep your feet warm even if you sweat or get them wet. They will wick moisture away from your feet but hold in the warmth, keeping your feet toasty warm even in extremely cold weather. But they will also allow your feet to breath so that they never get too hot. The boots that do all this the best are the Baffin Impact or Baffin Ice Field boots. 

In this article we are going to go over each of my top 24 picks for the warmest winter boots currently on the market for both men and women. They are mostly listed in order by brand. We will do our best to provide you with enough accurate information to be able to make an educated decision as to which boots are best for you. Let’s get started!

(Quick side note: If you are looking for the best winter clothing that will keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures even if you get wet, by far the best are made by Fortress Clothing. See my article  “Fortress Clothing – My Review!“)

Warmest Winter Boots:

1. Baffin Impact

Baffin Impact

Heading to the North or South Pole anytime soon? Great. Me too. Take these Baffin Impact boots with you! Baffin is a Canada based company dedicated to making the warmest winter boots on the planet.  Seriously.  No, really these boots are rated to keep your feet warm and dry at -148 degrees F. Can you even imagine being in weather that cold? I certainly can’t, but if I ever found myself preparing for an arctic adventure Baffin would be my first choice for footwear.

The boots are made with a removable liner that is made with a special B-Tek insulation. The liner also features aluminum in the liner to trap body heat and keep it close to your feet! You can literally stand on ice all day and you wouldn’t feel a thing! The thick rubber sole wraps around the base of the boot and stops just shy of the ankle.

A waterproof shell extends beyond the ankle and stops mid -shin. A waterproof cinch, keeps snow from sneaking in through the top of your boot! Extra buckles keep the boot from shifting as you trudge through deep snow.  Pros: rated for -148 degrees, removable liner, comfortable, various colors and patterns, thick rubber sole, excellent traction, cinch to keep snow away. Cons: heavy boot, made for extreme weather and cold. Too much for everyday use!

Price about: $209. Check them out here on Amazon: Baffin Impact Men’s & Baffin Impact Women’s.

2. Baffin Titan

Baffin Titan

The Baffin Titan is another stellar winter boot, especially for anyone who works outside! This boot is rated to keep your feet warm at -148 degrees F. Say, what? The boot is fully molded out of rubber! It’s waterproof and exceptionally durable. The boot gives you excellent traction no matter how icy or how deep the snow may be.

Baffin uses a special “micro-cellular waffle foot bed” to trap your body heat and keep it circulating around your toes and feet! If you are heading to the arctic or just to a local frozen lake for some ice fishing, these are the boots for you. Pros: really warm, snow cuff, waterproof, rubber, great traction. Cons: doesn’t come in women’s sizes. 

Price about: $160. Check them out here on Amazon: Baffin Titan Unisex (subtract 2 shoe sizes for women).

3. Baffin Ice Field

Baffin Ice Field

The Baffin Ice Field is made just for women! The boot is designed to be lightweight, easy to walk in and keep your feet warm at all times.  This boot is rated for -148 degrees F! These are the boots to have if you always suffer from cold feet! The liner is made with a special insulation that traps heat- so your feet are never frigid.

The waffle comb design on the liner also makes these boots incredibly comfortable to stand around in all day! The base of the boot is made with durable and waterproof arctic rubber and a polar rubber out sole.  The waterproof nylons snow block at the top of the boot is key to keeping moisture away from your socks! Pros: really warm, waterproof, comfortable, removable liner. Cons: limited color options.

Price about: $155.95. Check them out here on Amazon: Baffin Ice Field.

4. Baffin Wolf

Baffin Wolf

The Baffin Wolf is a lighter version of its polar series.  It is made in men’s sizes only. It’s not as bulky as most of its boots, but it keeps you warm just the same. This specific boot is rated to keep you warm to -40 degrees. Of course, when it gets that cold outside, it might be time to call it day. But, if you are working in that kind of bone chilling weather- these will be the boots for you.  A locking snow gaiter keeps snow from finding a way in- this is important especially when you are walking through deep snow.

The shell of the boot is made with arctic rubber. The rubber wraps over the toes and hits at the bottom of the ankle. From there, a nylon waterproof shell keeps wet weather away! Like most Baffin boots, these have a removable liner- so if the liner gets wet you can dry it out and move on.  You can also buy replacement liners- so you never have to replace the entire boot. Pros: warm, rubber sole, snow lock, nylon ankle coverage, double buckles to keep boots in place and tight around legs. Cons: would like to see more rubber around the ankle.   

Price about: $189. Check them out here on Amazon: Baffin Wolf.

5. Sorel Intrepid Explorer

Sorel Intrepid Explorer

The Sorel Intrepid Explorer is made to keep you warm in the coldest places on earth. Like minus 100 degrees cold.  The boots are rated for extreme cold and heavy snow. The shell is made with waterproof nylon like material which acts like a shield against wet snow and wind.  A built-in gaiter keeps snow and wet weather from seeping into the top of the boot.

A streamline rubber sole wraps all the way around the ankle and sole of the boot. The Heavy-duty rubber sole and base makes this boot a stand out! Plus, the give you great traction when the snow and ice make it difficult to walk around! Pros: waterproof, built in snow gaiters, warm. Cons: bulky and run big.

Price about: $250. Check them out here on Amazon: Sorel Men’s Intrepid Explorer & Sorel Women’s Intrepid Explorer.

6. Bogs Bozeman Tall

Bogs Bozeman Tall

As the number one rated winter boot by Outdoor Magazine, this is the pair of Bogs Bozeman Tall boots you will want to grab when you’re heading out on your next late fall or middle of winter hunting expedition. It comes in men’s sizes only. The boots are rated to keep your feet warm and dry at -72 degrees F. The seamless construction and lightweight, durable neoprene and rubber make this boot easy to walk around in all day.   The sole and lower portion of the boot are high quality rubber, keeping your feet warm and free from moisture.

The Neo-Tech waterproof insulation on the upper portion of the boot also play a big role in making these boots so warm and lightweight. Pros: rated for extreme cold, lightweight, great for hunting, ice fishing or other outdoor winter adventures, lining of boot wicks away moisture, great foot support. Cons: limited calf protection. 

Price about: $150. Check them out here on Amazon: Bogs Bozeman Tall.

7. Sorel Caribou Boot

Sorel Caribou Boot

The Sorel Caribou Boot is a classic. The company has been making this boot for decades and they last for just as long. These boots are great for when Mother Nature puts on a show and the snow builds up outside. These are the boots you will reach for when you need to shovel your driveway. They are made with high quality rubber and thick rubber sole.

The leather is waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about moisture seeping through.  The liner is made with Thermoplus felt, to keep your feet wrapped in an envelope of heat all day long. This boot is also available in women’s sizes too! Pros: well made, really warm, rated for -40 degrees F, removable liner.  Cons: really heavy and bulky. 

Price about: $150. Check them out here on Amazon: Sorel Caribou Boot Men’s & Sorel Caribou Boot Women’s.

8. Sorel Caribou Wool Boot

Sorel Caribou Wool Boot

Sorel took its classic Sorel Caribou Wool Boot one step further and added a 9 mm wool inner liner! Wool is incredible at keeping you warm. Wool wicks away moisture too- so you don’t need to worry about sweaty feet. The liner is removable so you can replace it or take it out if it gets wet! I love this option.  The base of the boot is made with the classic thick rubber sole, extending over the toes and stopping just short of the ankle. The upper part of the boot is made with waterproof leather! Pros: wool insert, warm, rated for -40 degrees F, multiple colors to choose from, waterproof, great traction. Cons: bulky, run big.

Price about: $170. Check them out here on Amazon: Sorel Caribou Wool Boot Men’s & Sorel Caribou Wool Boot Women’s.

9. Bogs Classic High Insulated Work Boot

Bogs Classic High Insulated Work Boot

Bogs is known for making combining neoprene like material, called Neo-Tech insulation, and thick, durable rubber to create exceptionally warm boots. These Bogs Classic High Insulated Work Boots are made with a thick rubber sole that extends all the way to the mid-calf. The upper portion of the boot is made with thick (7 mm) stretch Neo-Tech insulation. These boots will keep you warm in rain, snow, sleet! You can even walk across a river or stream and without fear of water seeping inside.

They are lightweight- which makes them a perfect choice for everyday activities. These boots also work well in a variety of seasons- for puddle jumping with your kids to trekking through deep snow! These boots are rated to keep you warm at minus 40 degrees F.  Pros: warm, durable, 100% waterproof, versatile, comfortable, great traction. Cons: too wide at calf and run small.

Price about: $120. Check them out here on Amazon: Bogs Classic High Insulated Work Boots Men’s & Bogs Classic High Women’s.

10. Kamik Greenbay

Kamik Greenbay

The Kamik Greenbay is a budget friendly boot that will keep your feet nice and toasty well below freezing. These boots are about $85 and they are rated to keep your feet warm at -40 degrees F. How about that? The liner of the boot is made with a two-layer moisture wicking material to keep your feet dry at all times.  The liner also locks in heat, so you’re never without! These boots also win a spot on this list because they are incredibly lightweight.

According to the company, it spent two years creating and testing the Rubber HE product it uses on this pair of boots. “As light as helium and as strong as helium,” Kamik! The boots are also made in the USA.  Pros: well made, moisture wicking liner, lightweight shoe with incredible protection from wet weather. The rubber sole and bottom part of the boot is waterproof.  A snow guard at the top of the boot, keeps snow and rain from getting inside your boot.  Cons: limited sizes.

Price about: $85. Check them out here on Amazon: Kamik Greenbay Men’s & Kamik Greenbay Women’s.

11. Sorel Joan Of Arctic

Sorel Joan Of Arctic

Sorel is perhaps one the best-known winter boot brands in the world. The company is dedicated to making quality, elegant and functional warm winter boots.  Sorel Joan of Arctic mixes fashion and function to create a beautiful, comfortable and incredibly warm winter boot. This is a women’s boot. You don’t have to sacrifice your style to have warm toes! The boots are rated for -25 degrees F. So, this is a pair of boots that you can wear around town during the winter months.

The boot also hit mid-calf, so you have a lot of protection from the wet snow and occasional puddles. What your step! The boots are insulated with a 6 mm felt liner. This liner is what keeps your feet warm and prevents the body heat from escaping! The sole of the boot is made with a heavy-duty rubber and leather like material. Pros: goes with everything, warm, removable liner, rated to -25 degrees F, great for everyday wear!  Cons: faux fur lining may trap snow at the top of the boot.

Price about: $180. Check them out here on Amazon: Sorel Joan of Arctic

12. Sorel Tivoli High Boot

Sorel Tivoli High Boot

The Sorel Tivoli High Boot is a great boot to reach for in light snow and cold weather. This is a women’s boot. This boot is designed to be less bulky and more sporty- meaning you can move around easier and not feel like you just climbed a mountain just getting to the grocery store. This is the perfect boot for someone who needs to stay warm but doesn’t need all the technical aspects of an extreme winter boot. It’s the perfect balance!

The boot is made with a rubber sole that extends only slightly over the top, near the toes. The upper part of the boot is made with a waterproof suede- giving you protecting from wet snow! The boot also features 100 g of insulation! The fleece lining makes this boot really comfortable to wear all day! Pros: not bulky, easy to wear for everyday activities, rubber sole, insulated, fleece lining. Cons: made for light snow.

Price about: $150. Check them out here on Amazon: Sorel Tivoli High Boot

13. Bogs Crandall Tall

Bogs Crandall Tall

The Bogs Crandall Tall is an elegant boot that kicks cold weather to the curb. This is a women’s boot. This boot mixes fashion and function! It’s made for everyday wear during the cold months. It’s also designed to keep you warm and insulated from big puddles, rivers and the occasional trek through spilled milk in your driveway. It happens- especially with kids! These boots are rated to keep you comfortable just below zero, -13 degrees to be exact. The lining of the boot will wick away moisture if you are prone to sweaty feet.

The sole and bottom part of these boots are made with durable rubber and the upper section is made with 3 mm of Neo-Tech waterproof insulation.  Neo-Tech is a neoprene like material that moves with your foot and ankles as you walk through snow and rain.  Pros: well made, warm until -13 degrees, wicks away moisture, shock absorbing cushion for comfort.  Cons: not for extreme weather.

Price about: $145. Check them out here on Amazon: Bogs Crandall Tall

14. Kamik Detroit

Kamik Detroit

These Kamik Detroit boots are warm and they make a fashion statement at the same time. This is a women’s boot. No need to sacrifice style during the dreary days of winter. The boots are rated to keep your feet warm at -25 degrees F. A special DriDefense waterproof shell keeps your feet and ankles protected from the wet weather. The boot is also breathable, so it allows sweat to evaporate all while keeping your body heat where it belongs. Foam insulation gives you added warmth and comfort on cold days!

A waterproof rubber sole wraps around and over the front part of the boot for superior protection. From there the rubber transitions into a nylon, insulated shell. The boots are also lightweight so you can move around town, running errands with ease! Pros: really warm, foam insulation, moisture wicking removable liner, waterproof shell, inside zipper to lock out cold air. Cons: questionable traction, slight raise in the heel may make it difficult to walk on slippery surface.

Price about: $119. Check them out here on Amazon: Kamik Detroit

15. The North Face Chilkat 400

North Face Chilkat 400

The North Face Chilkat 400 boot boost 400 g of insulation-making it an excellent choice for when the temperature dips below zero.  The boot has a great ankle support! This support will allow you to move, hike, jump and twirl in the snow (like an 80s movie) with confidence, knowing you won’t twist an ankle in the process.

It’s waterproof, and the upper leather material gives you added protection from wet weather. The bottom of the boot is made with temperature sensitive traction to keep you from slipping on the ice and becoming the star of next viral video sensation. Pros: PrimaLoft insulation (mimics down), comfortable, waterproof, added traction, ankle support, rated for -40 degrees.  Cons: hard to find, sells out quickly!

Price about: $150. Check them out here on Amazon: North Face Chilkat 400 Men’s & North Face Chilkat 400 Women’s.

16. Muck Arctic Outpost Tall

Muck Arctic Outpost Tall

The Muck Arctic Outpost Tall is a great winter boot for hunting, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.  This boot only comes in men’s sizes. These boots are made with 5 mm of foam neoprene- the same material wet suits are made out of. This foam is waterproof, windproof and provides incredible insulation and keeps your body heat right around your feet and ankles.  The fleece lining also makes these boots really comfortable and warm to wear all day long.

The boots are rated to keep you warm in -40 degrees.  The shaft is 16 inches tall so you can walk through three feet of snow with ease- no worry about moisture making its way inside.  The special traction on the sole make it easy to walk on all kinds of terrain. Pros: heavy duty, great for hunting, ice fishing or standing outside all day, 100% waterproof, neoprene insulation, fleece lining. Cons: bulky.

Price about: $160. Check them out here on Amazon: Muck Arctic Outpost Tall

17. Kamik Barrel

Kamik Barrel

The Kamik Barrel is made to trudge through deep icy ponds, deep snow and treacherous icy walkways. This boot only comes in men’s sizes. There isn’t a snowflake this boot has yet to challenge. The boots are 100% waterproof! These boots are made with Kamik’s special Rubber HE, which is light and really strong. The boots also have a composite toecap to meet certain industry standards. The special Kamik rubber sole makes walking on slick surfaces easy! Pros: really warm, great for work boots, rated for -40 degrees, excellent traction. Cons: no snow guard to keep wet weather from getting inside boot.

Price about: $149. Check them out here on Amazon: Kamik Barrel

18. Columbia Bugaboot

Columbia Bugaboot

The Columbia Bugaboot is a great way to enjoy a day hike in the mountains or trudge around town on a blustery day.  These boots have excellent ankle support, which will give you the confidence to hike a snow- covered trail in March.  The base of the boot is made with a rubber traction material that makes walking a breeze.  It’s insulated with an Omni-Heat reflective line- this liner is amazing in that it traps your body heat and gives it back to you!

What will they think of next? The upper part of the boot is made with a mix of nylon and leather- all of which are waterproof. Pros: warm boot, insulated with Omni-Heat liner, waterproof, great traction and ankle support, versatile, suitable for playing outside and winter hikes. Cons: sell out quickly.

Price about: $130. Check them out here on Amazon: Columbia Bugaboot Men’s & Columbia Bugaboot Women’s.

19. Columbia Minx Mid

Columbia Minx Mid

The Columbia Minx Mid is a great warm winter boot you can wear every day! It’s stylish and its rated for weather -25 degrees F.  The sole and bottom part of the boot are made with a nice thick rubber material to keep your feet from losing body heat to the cold surface below.  The remaining part of the boot is a waterproof material that is lined with faux fur and reflective heat technology. The Omni Heat traps your body heat where it belongs and doesn’t let it go! Pros: great style, warm, waterproof shell, excellent traction, great boots for everyday wear. Cons: may not hold up in extreme snow. 

Price about: $120. Check them out here on Amazon: Columbia Minx Mid

20. The North Face Shellista

North Face Shellista

Oh, look it snowed three feet overnight! With these 17-inch tall North Face Shellista I keep water and snow from seeping through the laces and into your socks! No one likes wet socks! Pros: great for casual wear, warm, lots of leg protection, insulated, waterproof.  Cons: not ideal for extreme wind and cold.

Price about: $150. Check them out here on Amazon: North Face Shellista

21. Merrell Coldpack Ice

Merrell Coldpack Ice

Merrell is a master at making winter boots with exceptional traction.  One look at the sole of these Merrell Coldpack Ice boots and you’ll understand why! They are made with an arctic grip technology. Basically, the way the sole is shaped and the grooves in the boot, make walking across an icy lake or icy parking lot a breeze.  There’s even a color changing grip key on the front of the boot to signify icy conditions.

The boot is great for every day wear. It’s packed with 200 grams of lightweight synthetic insulation.  The upper portion of the boot features leather and nylon- making it waterproof! Pros: warm, exceptional grip, comfortable, natural odor control inside the boot and waterproof. Cons: short ankle length.

Price about: $170. Check them out here on Amazon: Merrell Coldpack Ice

22. Merrel Tremblant

Merrel Tremblant

If you want to be graceful and warm while walking across a frozen parking lot or snow field, this is the pair of winter boots for you, the Merrel Tremblant. Merrel combines fashion and function with this pair of boots! The upper portion of the boot is made with waterproof leather and it extends about 14 inches from the sole of the shoe- that’s a whole lot of protection for your calves and ankles.

The boots are insulated with 200 g of warm, low bulk synthetic insulation. The boot also boosts special traction to grip any surface, no matter how icy, snowy or cold.  You will be confident to walk around in the winter in these boots without fear of falling! Pros: waterproof, tall shaft, leather, excellent traction, every day wear. Cons: may not hold up in extreme wet weather. 

Price about: $139. Check them out here on Amazon: Merrel Tremblant

23. Ugg Sunburst Tall

Ugg Sunburst Tall

UGG is basically synonymous with warm. This company makes some of the warmest winter boots around. Here’s the thing though, the Ugg Sunburst Tall boots are hybrid of slipper like comfort and warmth with the rubber sole of a heavy-duty winter boot.  This pair of boots is rated to keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures- up to -20 degrees below zero. The rubber sole keeps wet weather away.  The boots also block a whole lot of wind.

These boots are most effective at keeping you warm when it’s cold and dry outside.  They don’t hold up well when they get wet, so make sure you don’t wear them hiking or in the rain.  These boots are best to be worn around the house, driving or running errands. Pros: lined with thick sheepskin, rated to keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, made to last, comfortable, easy to slip on and off.  Cons: not waterproof. 

Price about: $275. Check them out here on Amazon: Ugg Sunburst Tall

24. Keen Elsa

Keen Elsa

Let it snow, let it snow! In these Keen Elsa boots, you’ll be wishing for the snow to pile up just so you have a reason to wear them.  The boots are low-profile, with the shaft hitting around the ankle.  The boot is insulated with charcoal bamboo! This insulation is lightweight, wicks away moisture and is breathable. No need to worry about sweaty feet here! The outside of the boot is made with top-grain leather and wool to keep wet weather away.

The thick rubber sole provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. The boots come in a variety of colors, so you can spice up your winter wardrobe on the darkest of winter days. This is a very versatile pair of boots- you can wear them around town and for short hikes in the mountains.   Pros: warm, charcoal insulated, wicks away moisture, leather, waterproof, great traction, versatile. Cons: limited ankle support.

Price about: $160. Check them out here on Amazon: Keen Elsa

Warm Winter Boots Shopping Tips

Before you cruise around the internet or your local outdoor gear store, keep a few things in mind before you purchase a pair of winter boots. First, what will you be doing in the boots? Will you be scaling Mt. Rainier or do you need a casual pair of boots to pick your kids up from school on snowy days? Winter hunting boots will be a lot different than a pair of winter boots designed for snowmobiling in the back-country. Maybe you just need a versatile pair of warm winter boots for everyday wear! There are a few really good everyday boots, that are comfortable and keep your feet protected!

After you’ve narrowed down what you’ll be doing in your new boots, make sure they are waterproof, have a full rubber sole and provide great traction.  All of these elements will keep you dry and protected from the cold ground. Also, pay attention to the insulation value.  Will these boots keep your feet warm? Some boots provide extra insulation around the ankles and calves, depending on how high they go up the leg.  While the insulation is important, the shell of the boot is what will keep you warm and dry. If your feet stay dry, then they will be warm- all day, no matter how much snow you are trudging through!

When shopping for winter boots, try them on with the pair of socks you’ll be wearing on your next adventure. Typically, a thin merino wool sock will do the trick.  However, in cold climate situations you may need sock liner and that adds bulk inside your boot. Bottom line, you don’t want your boots to fit too snug- otherwise you risk reducing circulation and that translates into chilly toes!

For this list, I’ve compiled the warmest winter boots for various activities. From winter hiking, snow boots to high intense activities- everyone will find a boot that fits their lifestyle! I hope you find this information helpful and informative!

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