9 Warmest Winter Gloves For 2023 – My Top Picks!

Carhartt Winter Gloves

Keeping your hands warm and protected from the harsh bitter cold is important to prevent hypothermia and frostbite from setting in.  Gloves may not be as warm as mittens, but sometimes we need the dexterity of being able to move our fingers. The good news is there are some really warm gloves available now.

So what are the warmest winter gloves? The warmest winter gloves not only are generally well built and high quality, but they have an insulating material that is breathable and allows the moisture to escape, while still holding the heat of individual fingers in. We will get into the specifics below.

In this article first I briefly want to give you a few quick glove buying tips, or things to really think about, then I will get into my list of the warmest winter gloves I have been able to find. So let’s get into it!

(Quick side note: If you are looking for the warmest survival winter clothing that will keep your whole body warm in sub-zero temperatures even if you get wet, see my article “Fortress Clothing – My Review!“)

Glove Buying Tips

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Activity Level: The first thing you should always take into consideration when shopping for gloves, is the kinds of activities you’ll be doing while wearing said gloves.  A pair of ski gloves aren’t the same as a pair of mountaineering gloves.  Hunting gloves and ice fishing gloves varying in design and warmth as well.  Will you need great dexterity in the gloves or will mittens do the job?

Glove Size Matters: Always try on the gloves before you buy them. You don’t want the gloves to fit too snug or too big.  If the gloves are too tight you may risk cutting off circulation.  If your gloves are too big, all that warm body heat will be gone like an open window in a home.  Bye, bye, body heat! If you plan on wearing a glove liner, try that on with the glove.  Remember, you don’t want the layers to be too restrictive.

Insulation Material: Gloves are typically insulated with either down or synthetic material. Down tends to be more expensive, but it does a really good job of keeping your hands warm. Although, if down gets wet, it’s no longer effective and it can take a really long time to dry out.  Synthetic keeps your hands dry and warm no matter the weather. 

Unlike, down, synthetic material holds up when wet and keeps your hands protected.  Both, down and synthetic insulated gloves are great choices.  However, if you suffer from poor circulation you may find more comfort and warmth with a pair of down gloves.  See our article “Keep Hands Warm In Winter With Poor Circulation“.

Okay, now that you have a general idea on the most important things to consider when deciding on the right gloves, let’s get into our list of the warmest gloves we have been able to find!

1. Fortress Gloves

Fortress Glove Pro

The gloves they sell at Fortress All Weather Gear are my pick for the warmest gloves on the market. The reason I chose their gloves is because they are insulated with the patented Aeris insulation that keeps your body warm even if your gloves are soaking wet.

In my article “Fortress Clothing Review” I show a video where the owners of Fortress go to a water reservoir in sub zero weather and cut a hole in the ice and they all jump in. Then instead of changing their clothes immediately like they would normally need to, they all just sit around calmly in chairs talking.

According to their watches after getting out of the water they are all warm and comfortable in sub zero weather within about 60 seconds, even though they are still soaking wet.

2. Hestra

Hestra Winter Gloves

If you’re lucky to own a pair of Hestra gloves, you know you never have to worry about cold hands ever.  Unlike other outdoor companies, Hestra only makes gloves.  The Sweden based company has been mastering the art of making warm gloves for more than 80 years.  Hestra basically means glove in some outdoor guru circles.  Seriously, Hestra makes the warmest gloves you can buy.  A pair of Hestra gloves will last you years, perhaps decades.

So, what makes Hestra so special? The company makes all its gloves based on the layer system: base layer wicks away moisture, middle layer insulates and the outer shell protects against wind and wet weather. Hestra uses this layering model in every pair of gloves it creates. You can basically mix and match the layers of the glove, depending on the weather conditions.  So, if your summiting a mountain, you may need just the outer shell and a liner.  You can literally adapt your gloves based on the weather conditions and your level of activity.  How cool is that?

The gloves also cinch mid-way between the wrist and the cuff, to block heat from escaping and cold air from creeping on in! A pair of Hestra gloves is an investment.  A pair will cost you between $150-$200, depending on the style.  You’ll have to get on a waiting list too.  Okay, not really. But, Hestra gloves tend to sell out really fast. So, keep checking back to see what they have in stock!

3. Canada Goose

Canada Goose Arctic Down Gloves

If you looking for a high-quality pair of down gloves, look no further than Canada Goose.  The Toronto based company has been making down gloves and other gear since the 1950s.  Since then, Canada Goose has become a leader in the glove industry.  The company literally makes some of the warmest and most comfortable gloves you can buy.  They’re luxurious and functional all at the same time! When down gets wet, it loses its insulating value.

However, Canada Goose have developed an outer shell woven fabric to prevent the down from ever seeing any moisture.  It’s called “Artic Tech” and it’s a proprietary fabric blend making every pair of gloves it sells water resistant, wind resistant, durable and really, really warm. Like the Hestra brand, Canada Goose is an investment in your hands. A pair of Canada Goose gloves will cost you between$125-$150.  Yep, on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for.  Personally, I’d rather buy a high- quality pair of gloves once a decade, then replace an inexpensive pair every other year.

4. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen Winter Gloves

Helly Hansen is another trusted brand in the outdoor gear community.  This company first got its start making gear to keep people warm in 1887 in Norway.  According to the company, it’s the most trusted ski gear brand in the country.  How’s that for a claim to fame? Helly Hansen knows how to keep skiers, snowboarders and really anyone spending a long time outside, warm and toasty. How does Helly Hansen do it? It’s all in the construction and high-quality materials.

Helly Hansen uses a combination of polyester and leather for the outer shell of the glove to provide maximum protection from the weather.  Its gloves utilize micro-fleece insulation that is both breathable and keep your hands really warm all at the same time. A pair of Helly Hansen gloves will keep your hands warm on the coldest of days.  Plus, if the gloves don’t hold up like the company says they will, it will give you your money back if purchased within 90 days.  A pair of Helly Hansen gloves will cost you around $100.

5. Carhartt

Carhartt Winter Gloves

Carhartt is best known for making incredibly durable, warm and high-quality gear for people working outside all day long. This company has been making outdoor gear since 1889. Wowzah. That’s a really long time.  What I really like about Carhartt brand is that the company makes gloves for every activity and most industrial applications.  The brand prides itself on making waterproof, windproof breathable gloves, that will give you the dexterity you need for your planned activities.

The brand is known for its FastDry technology which works wonders when it comes at wicking sweat and moisture away from your body.   A pair of Carhartt gloves works well whether you are snowmobiling or shoveling snow in the driveway. Carhartt is also easy on the budget.  A pair of Carhartt winter gloves ring in at about $25.  So, you can buy two pair and keep one in your pack in case of an emergency.  Plus, it’s always a good idea to carry an extra pair of gloves when your exploring the great outdoors.

6. Marmot

Marmot Winter Gloves

Marmot masters the art of a warm glove.  The California based company has been making warm, durable and comfortable outdoor gear since the 70s.  Marmot makes a glove for every weather condition and outdoor activity.  It uses a down and synthetic insulation to keep your hands warm no matter where you are.  Spring skiing? There’s a glove for that? Heading up to Denali? There’s an 800 fill down glove for that too.  Marmot is a one stop shop for gloves.  It’s the company’s dedication to quality, that really sets it apart.

It uses the best material and pay close attention to detail- and where your hands need the most protection.  Marmot makes sure your wrists are covered in every pair of gloves it sells.  Marmot has also figured out how to keep costs low, but not compromise in quality. You can get a warm pair of gloves for around $60.

Phew. Lot’s of gloves to choose from.  Whatever brand you choose to go with, just remember your gloves should match your activity! A mitten isn’t going to cut it when your ice climbing along the Seward Highway in Alaska.   What are your favorite outdoor gear brands?

7. Flylow Gear

Flylow Gear Winter Gloves

Flylow Gear is one of the most trusted outdoor gear brands around. The Colorado based company started making gear for skiers and the outdoor crowd 2005. While relatively new to the outdoor gear scene, the company is making waves with its innovative and often, retro throw back styles. Flylow uses a combination of leather and synthetic materials to send the cold weather packing.  There’s no way your hands are getting cold in a pair of Flylow gloves.  The brand sells just a hand full of styles, including the “Unicorn Mitt.” Love the name!

These gloves are designed specifically for people who suffer from chronically cold hands.  They’re magical-like unicorns.   A nice soft, and secure cuff also looks like it will keep warm body heat from escaping and ensure cold air from getting inside.  If you’re into style and function, Flylow fits the bill. Plus, it won’t cost you and arm and leg to buy a pair. At just $50, you can buy Unicorn Mitts for your whole family!

8. Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Winter Gloves

Outdoor Research is a Seattle based company dedicated to making high quality outdoor gear since 1981! Outdoor Research designs and manufacturers dozens of different styles of gloves and mittens to fit your activity.  If you’re ice climbing or walking in the park on a cold day, Outdoor Research has a pair of gloves for you!  OR  also makes glove liners too! The company is known for making gloves that are really, really warm.

You thank its special liners for that warmth. OR gloves are designed to wick away moisture and keep your hand dry from the inside out.  Like most glove brands, OR uses a polyester Gortex outer layer to keep water and wind away. OR also sells a nice pair of all down gloves, that basically look like slippers for your hands.  These would be awesome for a bluebird day or once your back at camp and winding down.  Down is not waterproof, so you’ll want to be out of the weather if you wear the ‘sleeping bag’ gloves!

OR also understands the importance of keeping your wrists covered! Wrists release a lot of heat and OR is making sure that heat stays where its needed.  With a variety of cuff lengths and cinches, keeping your wrists warm has never been easier.  Keeping your wrists covered will also result in warmer hands too! The price range varies with OR gloves from $25 to $300.

9. The North Face

North Face Winter Gloves

This brand is basically synonymous with the great outdoors.  The company is deeply committed to making the warmest winter gloves on the market today. Virtually all of this brand’s gear is waterproof and windproof.  This is important because you want a pair of gloves designed to keep wet weather from penetrating he glove and reaching your hands! The North Face uses a wind resistance fleece to make most of its gloves! The North Face also guarantees every single pair of gloves it sells.

This means if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, take them back no questions asked! And, if you’re like me and like to bring my phone while skiing or hiking, these gloves allow you to text and make phone calls with special brushed fabric fingertips! With other gloves, you may need to take them off to make a phone call. 

With a pair of North Face gloves, you can be nice and toasty and text all at the same time! The North Face is also budget friendly.  While most high-end gloves will cost well over a hundred dollars, a pair of North Face gloves ring in around $60- depending on the style and insulation!

Final Thoughts

Okay well that is my take. It was hard with some of these brands to put them in a specific order. So please read each one in detail and make your own educated decision as to which will best suit your needs.

Thank you so much for reading this article all the way to the end!


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