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How To Prepare For World War 3

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World War 3 Destroyed City Cropped

World War 3 is not something that people really believe is likely to happen, at least not for a very long time. It has been almost 80 years since World War 2, and close to a 160 years since the civil war where fighting happened on American soil. And yet, if we don’t start preparing now for World War 3, it could be too late.

At the time of the writing of this article (July 6, 2022) Russia has invaded Ukraine, is winning, stopped almost all oil exports into Europe, and has publicly announced that it considers itself at war with the west. This Russian official even said that this war could escalate to nuclear weapons quickly.

US troops are fighting the Russians along side Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine. And US intelligence helped Ukraine sink a massive Russian warship, and helped them kill Russian military generals.

We are already at war with Russia, it just hasn’t reached our shores yet. And there are quite a few sources claiming that China is in serious preparations for a ground invasion of the United States. World War 3 has begun, and most Americans are completely oblivious.

In this article I think it is very important to go over the most important things we can do to prepare quickly for the coming World War on American soil. But first I want to share with you the warning that I received in the early 1990’s that these things were going to happen.

Romanian Prophet Warns Of Russia/China Invasion

Dumitru Duduman

In the early 1990’s Dumitru Duduman came to Washington State where I lived at the time and spoke at several locations around town. Dumitru was Pentecostal, but he spoke in front of any Christian group that would listen. Because of this an LDS friend of ours video recorded Dumitru’s talk he gave to an LDS group in town. Later our friend made a copy for me to watch.

In this talk Dumitru told of his life spent smuggling bibles into Romania and Russia, and of angelic help protecting him from the searches and tortures of the police.

When the police were not able to kill Dumitru, even after putting him on the electric chair twice, they finally kicked him out of Romania and he made his way to America. The same angel who had protected him in Romania came to him again when Dumitru was in America.

The angel told Dumitru that he had preserved his life so that he could warn America of a coming Russian/Chinese nuclear attack. You can hear Dumitru tell his story in the below video.

I have never shown that above video to any Christian, including LDS Christians, that hasn’t believed his message. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you watch it before proceeding with the rest of this article.

Most Important Preparations To Make First

Not only are we going to have foreign troops invade our land, but Dumitru said that their would be a local civil war of sorts first, some of our own people fighting against the government. Most likely that will be because the people will be angry because of food, fuel, electricity shortages as well as severe unemployment.

So as we plan for this coming war, we need to plan for these preliminary problems that will come first as well. So let’s start with what will be the most important for you to have as we head into these scary times.

1. Stored Water

We can only live 4 to 5 days without drinking water. Plus we will need water to cook and clean with as well as to help with sanitation. If you have not done any preparations at all, storing as much water as possible as well as getting a good drinking water filtration system, are the first things I would do.

Water Barrels

Water Storage Barrel

You can get these types of 55 gallon potable water storage barrels just about anywhere. But you can also get them at Walmart and other grocery and farm supply stores.

The best deal my wife and I found recently was in a small local grocery store chain. I am not sure why but they were significantly cheaper than on Amazon or Walmart. So I would look around, but move quickly. Time is of the essence. See also my article entitled “How Do You Store Large Amounts of Water?

Quality Water Filtration System

Berkey Water Filter

This is again something you will want to move quickly on. But do not skimp on quality. You want a system that you could pour mud puddle or pond water in and get good drinking water out of.

It also should be a gravity feed system so that you can use it even if your power goes out. The one most people I know say is the best of the best, is the Berkey Water Filter System shown above. It has been around for a very long time and has a very good reputation.

You should also get some quality water filter straws and water filter bottles. These will allow you to drink out of ponds if you ever have to be on the move. Find out which options we think are the best emergency water filter straws on the market today!

Well Back Up Parts

If you are fortunate enough to live in the country and have a well, you will want to have at a minimum a backup well pump as well as replacement electrical parts. And the knowledge and any tools that you need to replace or repair your will pump.

In war time the likelihood of an EMP going off is very high. Any electrical computer chips or circuits in your well pump system will be fried, unless you have your home and well protected by EMP Shield.

So any parts that might be fried in the case of an EMP, or that might wear out, you want to have extra replacements around. Extra electrical parts you will want to place in an EMP protection faraday bag.

I would also get a backup source of power big enough to run your well pump. If it is a fuel run source then you would also want to store the fuel and maintenance parts.

Rain Water Catch System

Great American Rain Barrel Earth Brown

Now this is something that I think is super important to do if you do not have a well with all of the knowledge and back up parts you will need. If you live in the city you definitely need to set up one of these systems.

I show in this image a 50 gallon barrel, but really how long is that going to last? Really what I think we need is a much bigger tank. At this point who cares about aesthetics, we will need water we can filter to live and to water our garden and animals.

2. Stored Foods

If we get into the kind of war I believe we are heading into, it could easily last 5 years or more. If we are nuked and invaded, even if we are able to retain our sovereignty as a nation and repel the invasion, our economy and infrastructure will be shot for at least a few years after the war.

In other words we need to have a lot of food stored. If you bought freeze dried pre-made meal type food storage 4 or 5 years ago, good for you. But the prices are 3 to 4 times higher than they were back then. So I recommend you focus on buying basics like wheat, beans, and the like. You will be able to buy a lot more of that than you will be able to buy pre made stuff, and you will need all you can get your hands on.

Our supply chain issues are only going to get worse, so don’t wait. Especially food is going to get in shorter and shorter supply. The best price I have found at the time of the writing of this article for basic stored foods is a company called Rainy Day Foods. They are out here in the west. You may look around for local companies where you live and find something comparable. Shipping can get quite expensive too so finding a supplier closer could save you some money.

I also recommend you look into the Machine’s Package from a company called “Joseph’s Kitchen“. They do have a lot of wheat in stock if you need it, but the price is better at Rainy Day Supply. But Joseph’s Kitchen’s machines package is a great deal. I takes only seconds to grind up enough wheat into flour to make a loaf of bread, and they sell a great bread maker. Bread is the bible famine food. And even wheat is getting harder and harder to find and the price is going up.

Canned Foods

3 Month Food Storage

We are told that grocery store type canned food only lasts 3 to 4 years. This is not true. It is a marketing ploy. It really lasts indefinitely (not an expert, believe this at your own risk) according to two different scientists I heard recently talk on a talk show.

I wish I could remember what talk shows I heard those on so that I could have linked to it here. But one of these scientists said that they tested a whole bunch of 30 year old grocery store canned food of pretty much all kinds. He said that unless the can itself was damaged so as to allow contaminants inside, the food was totally fine. And he said very few of the cans they tested had damage.

They tested a bunch of the contents of the canned food for nutritional value, and he said it was very close to the same nutritional value of the food when it was new. It had lost almost no nutritional value over those 30 years.

He also said that it is easy to tell if canned food that old is good or bad. If it stinks and looks gross, don’t eat it. But if it smells and tastes fine, it is good. He said this food he had tested had been stored in a cool dry place in a basement. So I would buy extra canned food too as you can afford it and add this to your food storage.

3. Self Protection

Self Protection

I won’t say a lot on this topic. It just should seem obvious to most people that if we are going to be invaded by foreign troops, having a way to protect yourself and your family would be an intelligent thing to do.

The other important thing to consider about this the need to be proficient with these things. If you are up against trained soldiers and you don’t know what you are doing you are at a definite disadvantage. Please procure these self defense type items and get some proper training for combat situations.

4. Nuclear Fallout Protection

Nuclear Fallout

In a nuclear war, most people will not die from the blast, because most will not be close enough to be in the blast zone. Most will die from the fallout that lasts several weeks after the explosion.

Nuclear fallout is debris and dust that was close enough to the explosion to be made radioactive. If a nuclear bomb is detonated high in the air, you won’t have any fallout from that explosion. The bomb has to be close enough to the ground to pickup dirt and other things in the explosion. The dust this creates becomes highly radioactive and can be carried by the wind great distances.

Fortunately most fallout from detonated warheads have what is called short half lives. The fallout from these explosions usually become safe after 2 to 3 weeks. Explosions from nuclear plants on the other hand can have very long half lives. These can take thousands of years for the radiation levels to be safe.

Potassium Iodide Tablets

Potassium Iodide Tablets

Radioactive iodine is produced in the detonation of a nuclear weapon and is carried with the fallout by the wind. Our bodies will absorb this radioactive iodine and it can kill us by destroying our thyroid gland.

Potassium Iodide (KI) pills can be taken right before exposure and will fill up a person’s thyroid gland with non radioactive iodine. If the right amount is taken at the right time, this can prevent a person’s thyroid gland from absorbing the radioactive iodine and being damaged.

Below is a video on how to protect yourself from fallout that was made back in the 1950’s. The knowledge in the video is really important to learn.

YouTube video

5. EMP Protection

When a nuclear explosion goes off the gamma rays create a large scale electric field that is similar to a large power surge that will fry all electronic chips and circuits that it comes in contact with. If the explosion happens on or near the ground these effects will be limited because the density of the air and the closeness of the ground interferes with the gamma rays in forming this electric field.

EMP Blast

However most likely a country attacking us would detonate a nuclear weapon high up in the air, between 25 to 300 miles above the earth. Up this high the air is much less dense and their is no ground to contend with, so a very powerful electric field is created. One or two nuclear bombs going off at this altitude would fry virtually every electronic device in the United States as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. This is what is referred to as an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

Electrical power grids are so vast and would absorb so much of this electrical energy that many if not all power grids would be destroyed. says “Hardening the power grid for a State or the Nation is a large, long-term (2-5 year) effort, and requirements could be updated during that time due to advances by potential adversaries.” In other words even if a country is focused on hardening their grid against an EMP, it is hard to know for sure if their efforts have actually protected them.

And to my knowledge the US is not currently focused on preparing our grid for an EMP attack. So it is almost certain that US electrical grids are not prepared. And as I mentioned above, during modern war time, especially between nuclear powers, getting hit by an EMP is an extremely likely possibility. But our government is focused on getting men to compete in women’s sports, and in shutting down our fossil fuel industry, rather than on preparing our infrastructure for war.

EMP Shield

EMP Shield

There is a company called EMP Shield that sells military tested devices that protect your home (including any device plugged into your home) and vehicles from an EMP. Most of their customers are military and police departments. If you have a backup generator or solar system, they have units that will protect those as well. And these devices are surprisingly affordable. They are less than $400 per unit. If you click on my link above, or use the coupon code “theepg”, you will save $50 per unit.

Below is a short video I did showing myself installing a unit in my pickup truck. These are very simple to install.

YouTube video

At the time I filmed that video I thought the coupon code or link only saved people $50 on the first unit. But like I said I have learned since that they will actually give you a $50 discount on each unit you buy, regardless of whether it is for a vehicle, home, generator or solar system etc.: anything it is for. I think that is really nice of them. I think most people concerned about this issue would buy them regardless of any discount.

Also just as I mentioned above when talking about well electronic parts. Any electrical device that has circuits or computer chips that you want to protect, you need to get them in some sort of faraday cage or bag that you know will protect them (unless the device is plugged into your EMP Shield protected home).

6. Learn To Raise Your Own Food

No matter how much food your store, especially if you are just getting started preparing, at some point your food storage will run out. But even before that the more we can raise our own fresh vegetables and meat, the more normality and sanity we will be able to have with all the crazy things going on.

Seeds – Raising Your Own Vegetables

Raising Your Own Vegetables

The above picture is a view from my backyard geothermal greenhouse looking into my Mittleider Garden. This all cost me thousands of dollars and tons of my own labor to build. But you don’t have to do all that. You can simply remove or kill the sod in all or part of your backyard and plant your garden there.

But you definitely need to get some seeds. You cannot grow your own vegetables if you do not have any seeds. You think our supply chains are having problems now, wait until the economy crashes, a civil war starts or we get invaded. You need to have these things on hand ahead of time.

Garden Seeds

There are companies such as Texas Ready, Survival Essentials and The Ark, that sell storage bins of non-GMO non-hybrid heirloom seeds. It is important to get seeds like this so that you know the vegetables will be healthy and produce seeds so you can save your seeds for future years.

Once you have your seeds (and store them in a cool place), now you to decide which gardening method you want to use. A friend of mine, David from, taught me about the Mittleider Garden Method.

David’s wife was certified in organic gardening and had written books on it. But when David found out about the Mittleider method they decided to do a side by side comparison. On half of their yard they did the Mittleider Garden, and on the other half his wife did her traditional organic garden.

Their Mittleider Garden out produced their organic garden in the amount of actual food produced, 6 to 1! Needless to say they switched to the Mittleider Garden Method.

But you don’t have to build a geothermal greenhouse or raised garden beds to do the Mittleider Garden Method. You can do it in any soil and get the great results. The raised beds just make things more convenient and help keep weeds down. But it isn’t necessary.

Raising Your Own Meat & Eggs


An expert who teaches people how to grow their own food named Marjory Wildcraft from says that even if you are not a big fan of meat, you should consider it. The reason she says is because the labor, energy and cost to calories produced is much more efficient raising meat as compared to raising vegetables.

Obviously we should grow vegetables too. But when you are living off of the food you produce, getting enough calories is important. And meat also helps us feel some normalcy that can really raise our moral when times get really tough.

Meat Rabbits
Meat Rabbits

Most people today live in residential neighborhoods in towns and cities, and so they don’t think that they can raise their own meat. Yet if you like chicken, you will love the taste of rabbit. It tastes just like chicken.

With just one buck and two does you can provide all of the meat a typical sized family needs. A processed meat rabbit is about the same size as a whole chicken you would buy in the store, 2 to 3 pounds. Each doe typically averages about 7 bunnies per litter, and can comfortably have 5 to 6 litters per year, depending on how much of a break you want to give her between litters. So each doe can produce 2.5 lbs x 6 litters x 7 rabbits = 105 lbs of rabbit meat. That is the equivalent of 42 whole chickens worth of meat one doe produces for you per year.

And the best part from an emergency preparedness standpoint is that if you have to you can feed your rabbits off of your garden scraps and your lawn, if you have to. You can also store hay for them in your back yard as a stored food source for them as well.

Jumbo Coturnix Quail
Jumbo Coturnix Quail

Why Jumbo Quail Instead of chickens? Well you should have some chickens too, at least for eggs. But as far as for meat, unless you buy hybrid chicken chicks like Cornish cross, it is going to take the birds 4 to 5 months at least to grow to butcher size. And all that time you will have to be feeding them.

It takes quail 8 to 9 weeks to get to butcher size. Quail max out at just a half pound of meat, when you process them as compared to the 2 to 3 pounds of a chicken. But they eat less and you fed them for half of the time. And just like a chicken they produce eggs starting at about 8 weeks old; about an egg a day. It takes 4 quail eggs to equal a chicken egg.

If you live in town like I do and can’t have a rooster, then you cannot produce your own chicken. It doesn’t seem to matter how much chicken hens self identify as roosters, they still lay eggs and can’t breed the other hens. So without a rooster, eventually all of your chicken hens will die off.

And with the supply chain problems only getting worse we don’t know how much longer we will be able to buy chicken chicks at the feed store. But with quail I just keep enough roosters to make sure all the eggs are fertile, and any time I want to stick a batch in the incubator, I can raise another batch of chicks.

If you live in a neighborhood, or even in an apartment, quail are a great option to produce your own eggs and meat. If you live in the country then you have many other options for raising your own meat.

7. Sanitation

Toilets Small

It is important to plan ahead as to how you are going to deal with your human waste. I know this sounds gross, but human urine is a clean powerful source of nitrogen that can be used on your garden (you just dilute it with water). And is worst case scenarios you can filter it for drinking water if you have the kind of gravity fed filters I talk about above.

But as far as the solid waste you need to have a plan for that. Many people have died from disease because they did not deal with their solid waste properly. I discuss this in a little more detail in my article “The Right Way To Make A Bucket Toilet“.

Final Thoughts

Christs second coming

This article ended up being quite a bit longer than I planned on it being. So if you made it this far I appreciate you reading it all the way to this point.

We have some very end of the world, Book of Revelations times coming. Given how wicked the world is getting and the weapons that we have now, when we get into the next world war not only are a lot of people going to be killed, but I think it will ultimately culminate with the Battle of Armageddon.

I have talked about physical preparedness in this article. And physical preparedness is not only intelligent, I believe God expects us to do it. That being said the most important way to prepare for World War 3 is to get right with God. It is time we each prepare to meet our maker.

Some of us will survive, but whether we survive or not, now is the time to realize that God makes the rules. It is Christ’s world. And the times that are coming, are coming because we would not do as he has said. There is no pre-trib rapture. That is a misrepresentation of scripture. That is taught by Christian pasters trying to please the people and fill up churches. But it is not reality.

So now is the time to repent. I mean all the way. Cry out to God and confess not only every secret thought or act you know you have done, but your motives and those things you have thought to conceal.

Yes God knows them already, but to clean our souls confession is required; deep, total and complete confession. And then once you have done that ask God to apply the atoning blood of Christ and to not only forgive you. But ask him to help you to live as He wants you to live.

If we are truly clean from our sin, it does not really matter if we live or die in what is coming ahead. But we will be ready to meet Christ. And we will be a lot more help to those we love as we go through what God calls us to go through during the days ahead. May God bless you.

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